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Video Surveillance Cameras Unique Construction

Surveillance cameras in the security monitoring as the role of the eye, Video Surveillance Cameras its use of complex environment, many outdoor and harsh environment, Video Surveillance Cameras if the use of improper maintenance, camera aging and scrap speed is bound to accelerate. For the unique construction of network camera, Video Surveillance Cameras there are the following matters needing attention.

Surveillance cameras are generally produced by professional manufacturers, the structure is precise, the machine does not have the user to be able to repair the spare parts, is not necessary, oneself does not remove the camera arbitrarily, does not unload the screw or the guard. If has the breakdown, Video Surveillance Cameras should contact the qualified maintenance personnel directly or directly sends the camera to the maintenance department to overhaul.

Blind demolition of the consequences: light touch its internal parts, easy to damage the camera, the failure to expand, resulting in greater loss, Video Surveillance Cameras once damaged dealer estimates will not be given warranty. Heavy electric shock accident, disastrous consequences

Do not use the camera, should avoid being hit or vibration. The camera is damaged if used or improperly stored. Avoid the camera and oil, vapor, water vapor, Video Surveillance Cameras moisture and dust and other material contact, avoid direct contact with the waters. Do not pull and twist the cable, similar action may cause damage to the camera. Do not install the camera upside down, such as the camera is designed for installation in the ceiling or wall, if used upside down, installed on the floor and so on,Video Surveillance Cameras  will cause the camera to malfunction.

When the camera has dirt, please wipe it with dry soft cloth. If the dirt is serious, please gently wipe it with a neutral detergent. When wiping, Video Surveillance Cameras please be careful not to scratch the round cover. Then wipe away the residue of the detergent with a dry cloth, and store the camera in a clean, dry place.

Parts with contacts, such as lens-driven motors, cooling fan motors, and internal mounting slip rings are worn for long periods of time. Video Surveillance Cameras For the replacement and maintenance of these parts, please consult the nearby repair center.

The daily maintenance of video surveillance system is the work that must be done, because this can guarantee the video surveillance system has a long-term service life, because the monitoring system's maintenance is not taken seriously, causes many monitoring equipment just put into use to be damaged, Video Surveillance Cameras the reason is just the following points.

The first is the management department to monitor system maintenance work not enough attention, that no need to invest too much manpower, material and financial resources, Video Surveillance Cameras so in the management process ignore the monitoring system facilities management, resulting in the system of late management and maintenance can not keep up.

Second, there is not a complete and planned monitoring equipment maintenance implementation program. Equipment maintenance is a difficult and important work, monitoring equipment classification and develop a maintenance program, the complex and cumbersome work to become organized, clear.Video Surveillance Cameras  When a device failure, professional technicians can quickly pull up the relevant technical parameters of the equipment, performance indicators and other related information, and adopt targeted maintenance measures to effectively improve the maintenance efficiency of the equipment.

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