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Video Surveillance Cameras Trend

Mobile video surveillance refers to the original network video surveillance based on the video image in the front-end collection can be dynamic form, through the professional level monitoring equipment to move the way display, Video Surveillance Cameras control the monitoring mode. As long as the video source or receiver has the ability to move, can be called mobile video surveillance. Video Surveillance Cameras Then the mobile video surveillance cameras are roughly divided into several categories? What are the advantages?

In recent years, many security companies and even Internet companies have to join the mobile video surveillance research and development, and fruitful. Security and mobile network interconnection, Video Surveillance Cameras is a link of all things, is a security monitoring must be a trend.

1, WIFI wireless network camera. WIFI wireless network camera has the advantage of no wiring, installation and increase the number of cameras are more convenient, relatively low cost of the Internet. Video Surveillance Cameras The disadvantage is that the installation of the manual according to the instructions to do some simple network configuration to normal use; network camera to the wireless router in the general requirements of the range of 30 to 100 meters, if beyond this range need to use a dedicated antenna or the nearest installation of wireless router; Video Surveillance Cameras In the wireless router to use a more intensive place, to set the wireless router operating frequency band. In use and wireless router with the need to work, the wireless router requires access to the Internet.

2, wired network camera. This type of camera is particularly simple to use, Video Surveillance Cameras do not need any configuration can be used, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, relatively low cost of the Internet. Wired network camera directly into the Internet can be connected to the network port or router can work properly.

3,3G wireless network camera. Easy to use,Video Surveillance Cameras do not need any configuration can be used. Do not need to wiring, do not need users to set up any network, as long as the mobile phone network and power can be used. 3G network cameras have mobile TD-SCDMA type, Unicom WCDMA type and telecommunications CDMA2000 type, Video Surveillance Cameras need to insert the corresponding camera card in the camera.

Mobile video surveillance cameras are the inevitable product of the integration of mobile Internet and security, Video Surveillance Cameras so that mobile video surveillance products really into the small and medium enterprises and thousands of households in order to stimulate the huge potential mobile monitoring market.Video Surveillance Cameras In the Internet + era, the security field will usher in unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

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