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Video Surveillance Cameras The Scope Is More And More Extensive

According to the use of different types of fiber optic cable, Video Surveillance Cameras divided into indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor cable, branch cable, wiring cable. Fiber optic transmission according to the transmission can be divided into single-mode and multi-mode, Video Surveillance Cameras so the general use of single-mode monitoring fiber monitoring.

Single-mode fiber: only transmit a mode of optical signal fiber, conventional G.652, G.653, G.654, G.655 and other transmission grade classification, single-mode fiber transmission 100 megahertz signal distance of up to tens of kilometers.

Multi-mode fiber: can transmit a variety of modes of optical signal fiber, for the G.651 level, according to the optical mode is divided into OM1, OM2, OM3, Video Surveillance Cameras multi-mode fiber transmission Fast signal transmission distance of 2 km.

Fiber laying method

Conventional outdoor cable is a loose tube as a core of the container, the most common fiber core laying.

Indoor cable is common for tight sets of laying.

The core of the large number of fiber optic cable also has a combination of ribbon laying fiber core

Monitoring camera applications more and more widely, Video Surveillance Cameras in addition to the camera itself, equipped with a camera to operate the PTZ is also a very important part. PTZ rotation is not flexible or can not turn to monitor the camera is often a problem, what causes these problems, how to solve?

1, the distance is too far, Video Surveillance Cameras the operation of the keyboard can not be through the decoder on the camera (including the lens) and PTZ remote control. This is mainly because the distance is too far, the control signal effect will be greatly reduced, the decoder received the control signal is too weak caused. At this time should be installed at a certain distance relay box to enlarge the control signal.

2, only allows the camera is installed in the head, Video Surveillance Cameras when used in the way of lifting. Lifting means led to the operation of the PTZ load increased, so the use will soon lead to damage to the PTZ transmission mechanism, or even burn the motor;

3, the camera and its protective cover and other total weight over the head of the head. In particular, the use of outdoor PTZ, often the weight of the protective cover is too large, Video Surveillance Cameras often appear in the pan / tilt (especially the vertical direction does not move) the problem;

4, outdoor PTZ due to environmental temperature is too high, Video Surveillance Cameras too low or waterproof, antifreeze and other poor performance and failure or even damage;

After such a detailed understanding of the above, we clearly know that the integration of imitation Samsung surveillance camera if such a problem in the future, we can be very skilled to find out the problem, Video Surveillance Cameras solve the problem.

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