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Video Surveillance Cameras The Greater The Demand

The greater the demand, but sometimes it is easy to ignore it in the installation of some of the needs and skills. Therefore, today we come to a simple chat to monitor the camera in the installation of the Notes.

In many previous articles,Video Surveillance Cameras we have introduced a lot of attention to the selection, but if we are not enough attention in some of the installation, Video Surveillance Cameras it is very easy to cause damage to the performance of the camera.

For example, when we install a camera responsible for the security of environmental monitoring, we better meet the needs of the premise, to avoid some of the more sensitive location to install the location. Otherwise, if we are in charge of public security management of the camera always face some light light vehicles, Video Surveillance Cameras then we are destined to higher in the wide dynamic effects or blurred images to make the necessary choices. Will eventually give us some of the extra expenses that can be avoided.

Of course, in addition to avoiding the impact of light caused by some of the surveillance camera camera instincts other than the small advantage can also be installed in our selection is fully utilized

For some white light cameras that use white light to complete night vision monitoring, if we place it in some darker but more sensitive management areas, then in addition to its white lighting to achieve some limited lighting, more It will be more because of its obvious lighting equipment and play a deterrent to the surrounding role, Video Surveillance Cameras and this deterrence is sometimes more effective than ordinary patrols.

However, for some equipment that is less adaptable to light, or has no infrared function, we need to be exposed to a more open environment, in addition to being able to make up for the lack of light processing, Video Surveillance Cameras but also to avoid strong The impact of radiation on the equipment to the adverse effects.

For example, if we choose a horizontal angle to install the camera, then its advantage is to see some people or the details of the material. With the current PTZ flexibility continues to improve, Video Surveillance Cameras it can also be more extensive to capture some of the other posture camera difficult to explore the details of the monitor to enhance the grasp of the details. However, this type of installation for the camouflage of the camera is a very large sacrifice, in addition, it is also more vulnerable to the impact of the surrounding light on the image quality of the camera. Therefore, for such an attitude of the installation, the camera's light adaptability can not be ignored.

For many monitoring environments, Video Surveillance Cameras the top view is the most commonly used work attitude of the camera. Concealed, macroscopic observation is good, and is not easy to be harassed by the light is the biggest feature of this installation. However, its disadvantage lies in the sacrifice of detail. And in order to achieve the best shooting effect, its installation height must have a strict grasp. However, Video Surveillance Cameras for some corridors, or underground garage, this installation may be able to get a lot of unexpected results.

In addition to these two installation posture, Video Surveillance Cameras looking up the installation is also a reference program, but this way for the camera's optical adaptability has a very high demand, but also has harsh restrictions on the protection, so the installation mode is less And less, we will not repeat them.

In fact, in many cases, we are in some of the details of the grasp can be more or less affect the performance of equipment to play. And when we look at these details and be flexible use, some of the performance of the shortcomings may be more simple and economical way to complete the make up.

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