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Video Surveillance Cameras The Camera Device

The video surveillance camera is a quasi-camera on security, and its pixel and resolution are higher than the computer's video head, which is lower than the professional digital camera or dv. The surveillance camera is mostly a single video capture device, with little data storage.

Surveillance cameras mainly divided into gun from the exterior, hemisphere, high-speed ball, and simulate the distinction between monitoring and IP network monitoring, schools, companies, Banks, transportation, safe city, and other security areas.

Failure to solve

Network camera is a traditional camera and network video technology with the combination of a new generation of products, in addition to have all conventional camera image capture function, the machine is built into the compressed digital controller and the operating system based on WEB, made by the compressed video data, through the LAN, Internet or wireless network, to the end user. With the birth of h.264 digital video coding standard, the quality of video images of network transmission also has a qualitative leap. So some of the problems that web camcorders are going to come up with are going to be there, right?

1. When you install the network camera, your search device cannot find the IP of the network camera.

In this case, first you need to make sure that your network line and power supply are installed correctly. If the camera still can't find the IP after the confirmation, that is about to confirm your network segment, see segment of the network camera is very computer network segment is the same with you, if you are not the same, you need to choose the network camera network Duan Gaicheng and your computer's network segment is the same. Your computer can find the IP of the webcam.

2. After the network camera has been connected, the Intranet can be viewed, but the net is not able to view it.

There are two sides to this question. The first is that there is no port mapping, because every camera is going to send the signal out and watch it through the monitor. If we don't have to do port mapping, the signal is not sent out, so the signal will only inside the network, so the network will not be able to receive signals, makes the network can't come to the scene of the real-time monitoring of the monitor. Is a domain name is your computer problems, to see if the login, in general, network cameras outside network access address and domain name is directly linked, network cameras outside network access can be outside your computer's network IP address and port number, can also is your domain name information and the port number.

3. Connected to 5 cameras, why are there only one camera in the picture?

This question is because you didn't go to change the network of the camera IP and port number, because the network camera when connecting multiple, each network camera IP and port is not the same, otherwise no one IP or port number is the same, the two cameras video can produce conflict, video will be distorted or doesn't have a video. As water, for example, signal port exports as running water, if there is the same port number, the rivers will separate side until another export, the same you said such a video signal whether there will be conflicts, this video can normal play out? And network cameras default IP and port are the same, so that you connect the 5 cameras, but you didn't change the five network camera IP and port number, video will naturally have a conflict, so there can only be a webcam.

To sum up, the basic problems of webcams are these. Of course, with the development of society, the application of webcams will become more and more widespread, and even the Internet camera will become the mainstream product of surveillance camera.

Life factor

Infrared camera tube part of the consumption of electrical energy into light energy effectively, a part is converted into heat energy, it is inevitable that the problem is the heat energy produced is to must carry on the reasonable control and disposal. When there is too much heat in the heat, or when proper cooling measures are not taken, the temperature rise in the machine is too high, which causes the excessive aging of the lamp tube to cause the rapid decrease of the distance of irradiation. In particular, some producers, have no health management concept, one-sided pursuit of delivery performance, ignore the service life of the product, in the absence of the case to solve the problem of heating and temperature rise too high, desperately seek brightness and distance, but also make its service life fell sharply.

The camera device

The camera completes the image decomposition and photoelectric signal conversion device. Image decomposition is the process of decomposing a complete image into several independent pixels (the smallest unit that forms the television image). In general, the more pixels, the clearer the image. Each pixel is represented by a single color and brightness. The camera device can transform the light signal of each pixel in the image into the corresponding electrical signal, and then send it to the output terminal in a certain order. The camera tube and solid (semiconductor) cameras are two main categories.

In this paper, the camera tube and electron beam devices are divided into three types: dissimilar tube, photomultiplier analysis tube, superorthicon tube and vidicon. The new camera USES a small amount of lead photoelectric camera tube. Each kind of camera tube has a vacuum glass shell with a target plane and an electron gun. Subject scenery through the glass shell automatic aperture imaging on the target surface control the exposure of a window, use the photoelectric emission target surface effect or photoconductive effect will target surface illumination distribution of the various points into the potential distribution, the images of light into electricity image. Under the drive of the external deflection coil, the electron beam will scan the target face by point and output the potential signal of each pixel in the scanning path.

Solid camera devices. A new type of charge-coupled device (CCD). Hundreds of thousands of device elements are arranged in a matrix, and the surface is photosensitive. The subject is imaging in front of the array, and the amount of charge in each unit is proportional to the illumination. By using the clock pulse and shift control signal, the signal of each unit signal is moved out in order to obtain the image electric signal with the change of intensity over time.

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