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Video Surveillance Cameras Optical Imaging

Monitor the lens refers to the camera to monitor the camera, Video Surveillance Cameras its role is to observe the target light image presented in the camera's sensor, also known as optical imaging. The lens by a variety of different shapes, different media (plastic, glass or crystal) optical parts (mirrors, transmitters, prisms) in a certain way combined, so that light through these optical parts of the transmission or reflection, Video Surveillance Cameras according to people's It is necessary to change the direction of transmission of the light and be received by the receiving device to complete the optical imaging process of the object.

In general, each lens by a number of different surface curvature of the lens by a combination of different spacing. Spacing and lens curvature, light transmission coefficient and other indicators of the choice of the lens determines the focal length.

The main parameters of the lens include: effective focal length, aperture, Video Surveillance Cameras maximum image plane, field angle, distortion, relative illumination, the value of the indicators determine the overall performance of the lens.

The lens can be divided into: fixed aperture fixed focus lens, manual aperture fixed focus lens, auto iris fixed focus lens, manual aperture zoom lens, auto iris electric zoom lens, electric three variable lens.

Fixed aperture fixed focus lens, that is, Video Surveillance Cameras the lens has only one can manually adjust the focus adjustment ring, left and right rotation of the ring image can be imaged on the CCD target surface the most clear; no aperture adjustment ring, the aperture can not be adjusted into the lens of the luminous flux can not pass Change the lens factors and change, only by changing the light intensity of the field of view to adjust. Simple structure, cheap.

Manual aperture fixed focus lens than the fixed aperture fixed focus lens to increase the aperture adjustment ring, aperture range generally from F1.2 or F1.4 to the whole closed, Video Surveillance Cameras can easily adapt to the scene was photographed light, aperture adjustment is done manually of. Light intensity is relatively uniform, the price is cheaper.

Auto iris fixed focus lens, that is, Video Surveillance Cameras in the manual aperture fixed lens aperture adjustment ring to add a gear drive micro-motor, and from the drive circuit leads 3 or 4 core shielded cable, connected to the camera auto iris connector. When the luminous flux entering the lens changes, the camera CCD target surface generated by the corresponding changes in the charge, Video Surveillance Cameras so that the video signal level changes, resulting in a control signal, passed to the auto iris lens, Video Surveillance Cameras so that the lens of the motor to do the corresponding positive Rotate or reverse to complete the resize task.

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