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Video Surveillance Cameras Needs And Skills

Camera lens is the core of the video surveillance system equipment, Video Surveillance Cameras its quality (indicators) directly affect the camera's machine indicators, therefore, for the choice of camera lens is appropriate to both the project cost, but also related to the quality of the system.

Camera lens is equivalent to the human eye lens, Video Surveillance Cameras if there is no lens, the human eye can not see any objects; if there is no lens, then the camera output image, Video Surveillance Cameras is a vast expanse of white, no clear image output, which with our home camera and camera The principle is the same.

When the human eye can not stretch the lens to the normal position, that is, people often say myopia, in front of the scene becomes trance; camera and lens with a similar phenomenon, when the image becomes unclear , Video Surveillance Cameras You can adjust the camera's back focus, change the CCD chip and mirror datum interval (equivalent to the location of the human eye lens), you can trance of the image becomes clear.

The greater the demand, but sometimes it is easy to ignore it in the installation of some of the needs and skills. Therefore, today we come to a simple chat to monitor the camera in the installation of the Notes.

For example, when we install a camera responsible for the security of environmental monitoring, we better meet the needs of the premise, to avoid some of the more sensitive location to install the location. Video Surveillance Cameras Otherwise, if we are in charge of public security management of the camera always face some light light vehicles, then we are destined to higher in the wide dynamic effects or blurred images to make the necessary choices. Will eventually give us some of the extra expenses that can be avoided.

For example, if we choose a horizontal angle to install the camera, Video Surveillance Cameras then its advantage is to see some people or the details of the material. With the current PTZ flexibility continues to improve, it can also be more extensive to capture some of the other posture camera difficult to explore the details of the monitor to enhance the grasp of the details. However, this type of installation for the camouflage of the camera is a very large sacrifice, in addition, it is also more vulnerable to the impact of the surrounding light on the image quality of the camera. Therefore, for such an attitude of the installation, the camera's light adaptability can not be ignored.

Surveillance cameras in the security monitoring as the role of the eye, Video Surveillance Cameras the use of complex environment, mostly outdoor and harsh environment, if the use of improper maintenance, camera aging and scrapping speed is bound to speed up. For the unique structure of the network camera, the following matters need attention.

Surveillance cameras are generally professional manufacturers of production, construction of precision, the machine does not have users to repair their own parts, non-necessary circumstances, Video Surveillance Cameras do not arbitrarily disassemble the camera, do not remove the screws or protection.If the fault, should be directly linked to qualified Of the maintenance personnel or directly to the camera to send maintenance department maintenance.

Do not use the camera, should avoid the collision or vibration. If the camera is used or stored improperly, it will be damaged. Avoid contact with the camera and oil, Video Surveillance Cameras vapor, moisture, moisture and dust, and avoid direct contact with water. Do not pull and twist the cable, similar to the action may cause damage to the camera. Do not install the camcorder upside down. For example, Video Surveillance Cameras the camcorder is designed for installation on a ceiling or wall. If it is used upside down, it is installed on the floor, causing malfunction of the camcorder.

When the camera has dirt, Video Surveillance Cameras wipe it with a dry soft cloth. If dirt is severe, gently wipe with a mild detergent. When wiping, please be careful not to scratch the circular protective cover. And then use a dry cloth to wipe the remaining part of the cleaning agent, Video Surveillance Cameras storage, the camera should be stored in a clean, dry place.

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