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Video Surveillance Cameras Installation Precautions

Network monitoring system is that we must be familiar with the system, Video Surveillance Cameras for some of the initial contact with the intelligent novice, Video Surveillance Cameras may not be very familiar with the construction, this article focuses on network monitoring camera installation precautions

For the surveillance camera, Video Surveillance Cameras the location of the location is directly related to the imaging effect of the device. Therefore, Video Surveillance Cameras many users will monitor the effect of monitoring camera installation as the primary reference. However, they have overlooked a very important point: the surveillance camera is not a panacea, Video Surveillance Cameras in the installation of the choice of location, it also has its own requirements.

The first is in the installation of the location, in order to be able to make the camera to avoid interference with the surrounding environment, Video Surveillance Cameras to achieve a better camera and survival effect. In the indoor environment installation, we have to ensure that the height of the equipment is not less than 2.5 meters, and in the outdoor environment, we have to monitor the equipment exposure to more than 3 meters from the ground above the height. Otherwise, both from the camera self-protection, Video Surveillance Cameras or equipment monitoring point of view, will have a lot of negative effects. Only after taking into account these most basic problems, the angle is the area we consider.

For the network camera, its line erection is clearly more than the traditional analog equipment more abundant. However, no matter what kind of transmission, Video Surveillance Cameras interference is one of the problems we have to pay attention to. Especially for cable transmission of video signals, the signal line and high-power wire transmission in the same way is undoubtedly the taboo process of taboo, not to facilitate the construction of the two will be placed in the same transmission line. Video Surveillance Cameras Even if the environment is limited, it is impossible to separate the two, then, but also to ensure that at least half a meter of the distance. Only such a plan, in order to better avoid the strong magnetic interference for the impact of video transmission.

And for the use of wireless signal transmission equipment, Video Surveillance Cameras although the restrictions on the line less. But the camera itself should also avoid the surrounding strong magnetic interference source. While ensuring that the camera and the ground insulation isolation.

When using the surveillance camera at night, in order to avoid reflection and shadow, usually need lighting equipment, you can use infrared light instead of ordinary light bulbs. Video Surveillance Cameras However, users must use black and white surveillance cameras and network surveillance cameras with infrared lighting, because black and white surveillance cameras are more sensitive to infrared light, Video Surveillance Cameras and color surveillance cameras can not play infrared function.

Today, many cameras have begun to use wide dynamic features, to enhance their ability in the backlight environment imaging. However, this does not mean that the camera can continue to work in the light of the environment. Video Surveillance Cameras Because in the light of the light, the direct light easily lead to the camera is difficult to properly locate the correct image, and ultimately cause the sensor chip color filter on the permanent decolorization, so that the camera appears in the monitor image stripes. So, if possible, Video Surveillance Cameras we try to make the camera in a "smooth light" mode, but in any case, we have to avoid the light for a long time on the camera lens direct stimulation.

Fourth, high-performance terminal indispensable

All along, the bandwidth limitation is one of the important reasons why network monitoring is difficult to expand. It is precisely because of this factor, Video Surveillance Cameras resulting in a long time the two-tier network users - the strength of the use of self-built network, Video Surveillance Cameras and no strength of the user or can only tolerate slow transmission, Video Surveillance Cameras or else find a way out. However, with the continuous improvement of compression technology, as well as the optimization of the network environment. Network monitoring of the living environment has become increasingly improved.

In addition, Video Surveillance Cameras if there are other auxiliary alarm facilities in our system, pay attention to their compatibility with the system, pay attention to the stability of the equipment itself in the current environment, but also we need to focus on the deployment of equipment and debugging.

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