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Video Surveillance Cameras High Index

Video capture system, Video Surveillance Cameras video transmission system, video switching management system, video display system, video recording system, the five most of the composition of a standard video surveillance system. The video capture system mainly completes the acquisition of the front end image signal;

The video transmission control system completes the transmission and the control communication to the front end image signal;

Video switching management system to complete the image signal switching control and resource allocation;

The video display system completes the terminal device output of the front end image signal;

The video recording system performs long delay storage and playback of the front end image signal.

In the system engineering, Video Surveillance Cameras good video transmission design is a very important part of the monitoring system. If you build a good system, the selection of high indicators, high-quality cameras, monitors, video recorders, but there is no good transmission system, the final monitor on the monitor image will be unsatisfactory.

In a large network monitoring system, Video Surveillance Cameras how to route wiring, how to choose the switch, how to ensure that the entire network transmission system video smooth and the latter part of the project maintenance and management more convenient. In many network video surveillance projects often because the switch configuration is not reasonable, the selection is not in place, lack of bandwidth, Video Surveillance Cameras we often hear a lot of complaints from customers, such as cable support distance is not enough, the image appears out of the box, Caton, delay , IP address understanding, understanding planning difficulties, network management staff and so on. In particular, the project is the experience of this piece is the deepest. For the above situation, Video Surveillance Cameras for example, the whole project configuration process.

In any large-scale system, the size of the central room, the number of products and even energy consumption, has become a systemic problem. Video surveillance systems also need to be in the monitoring center, Video Surveillance Cameras by the single machine with more functional equipment to form a higher performance, which is an important consideration. Storage products If the protection of high-performance basis, Video Surveillance Cameras the storage of some of the relevant functions integrated into the storage products, will be a small room to adapt to the development trend of the inevitable choice.

WIFI wireless network camera has the advantage of no wiring, installation and increase the number of cameras are more convenient, relatively low cost of the Internet. Video Surveillance Cameras The disadvantage is that the installation of the manual according to the instructions to do some simple network configuration to normal use; network camera to the wireless router in the general requirements of the range of 30 to 100 meters, Video Surveillance Cameras if beyond this range need to use a dedicated antenna or the nearest installation of wireless router; Video Surveillance Cameras In the wireless router to use a more intensive place, to set the wireless router operating frequency band. In use and wireless router with the need to work, the wireless router requires access to the Internet.

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