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Video Surveillance Cameras Direction Measurement

Comply with the current national standards, and have qualified documents. Carbon steel used E43-type electrode, the quality of the electrode should comply with the latest national standards, Video Surveillance Cameras never use the skin peeling off, welding core rusty or damp electrode, as well as rusty welding wire. Welding size conforms to the design requirements, the weld metal surface of the welding wave uniformity, not affect the strength of cracks, slag, welding, burning, not fusion, arc pits and needle-like pores, Video Surveillance Cameras and no folds and interruptions and other defects. The depth of the weld area is not allowed to exceed 0.5mm, the cumulative total length shall not exceed 10% of the total length of the weld. Weld width is less than 20mm, welding angle reinforcement is 1.5mm~2.5mm, fillet weld fillet height should be 6mm~8mm, welding angle size does not allow less than design size.

The anticorrosion treatment adopts hot dipping zinc, Video Surveillance Cameras and the steel member should be effectively derusting before anticorrosion treatment. Hot Dip zinc thickness is not less than 85um, zinc layer should be uniform, with copper sulfate liquid as a corrosion test, more than 4 times do not show iron, zinc layer should be combined with metal body firmly, by hammering test, zinc layer does not peel, Video Surveillance Cameras not raised. Zinc leaching should be done after passivation treatment, and 48h Salt spray test qualified. For each $number m rod, the straightness error of the axis measurement is no more than 0.5, and the linear error of the rod length is no more than 1.

The base steel cage should be fixed temporarily, while ensuring that the base roof level of the reinforcement pet is measured in two directions perpendicular to the base roof, Video Surveillance Cameras and the bubbles must be centered; monitoring of the foundation concrete pouring of the vertical bar must be compacted and the concrete is forbidden to have empty drums;

The construction should be sealed with plastic or other materials in advance of the buried pipe opening, in order to prevent the concrete from leaking into the embedded pipe, Video Surveillance Cameras the embedded pipe is blocked, and the base surface must be higher than the ground plane 5mm~10mm, and the concrete must be maintained for a period of time to ensure that the concrete can reach a certain installation strength.

Each metal pole must be grounded, its grounding resistance is less than 4 Euclidean, and the concrete data of each pole foundation should be based on the site construction requirement.

Road monitoring vertical bar generally only requires the use of small specifications of the well, in order to install convenient wells suitable for installation in the vicinity of the monitoring rod; When the groundwater level is not high, only gravel (sand) bedding is paved at the bottom of the well, Video Surveillance Cameras so that the water in the well can seep into the ground, but the concrete foundation cushion must be under the wall, and the wall powder cement mortar; A layer of 10CM concrete cushion is added to the bottom well,Video Surveillance Cameras and the wall and bottom hole should be painted with waterproof mortar.

NET size 500x500x600 (long x Width x high), the use of MU10 brick M5 cement mortar 240 thick masonry, cover plate with φ8@150 two-way configuration C20 concrete slab thickness of 60 thick, elevation with sidewalk surface or green belt, the board surface must be smooth, set up holes, according to GB to make cover plate. The concrete data of all the wells are subject to the need of the site construction.

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