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Video Recording Devices Various Models

Video Recording Devices Facing the market many manufacturers, various models of film and television equipment, whether it is just stepping into the film and television industry, or the practice of many years of experience with a wealth of people, in the choice of the time will encounter similar equipment to meet the needs of the use, Video Recording Devices what equipment more suitable for their own use, the actual shooting effect of such problems.

However, due to the limitations of reference sources, the equipment manufacturers can only rely on the official data and other practitioners experience as a reference to select equipment, Video Recording Devices but this choice is often not really suitable for their actual needs.

This case, we need a professional and authoritative system platform, an objective evaluation and testing research platform based on the neutral angle of neither users nor manufacturers, according to the principle of voluntary machine-sending testing, combined with the technical parameters provided by the manufacturer, Video Recording Devices the objective evaluation result image will be released in appropriate form.

Through this third-party research testing and testing results display, for the industry to provide a professional, standardized, comprehensive, authoritative display and communication platform.

As the only authoritative research institution in the National Film professional field, the Film Research Institute, with the Project Foundation already available, Video Recording Devices configures the international leading general equipment, independently researches and develops the optical inspection and evaluation system of the film photographic equipment, and launches the evaluation and classification test of professional film and television imaging equipment from the aspect of camera application.

Because of the camera resolution, sensitivity, chroma, texture and dynamic range measurement methods, many of the camera imaging devices are different, Video Recording Devices workflow and shooting format is not the same, but its overall technical requirements tend to be the same, all with higher imaging quality as the goal.

Therefore, we take the camera image as the final object, we will set up a consistent environment, the use of different cameras under the same conditions to shoot the same group of images, including a series of standard substances, Video Recording Devices and then analysis, objective to show each device for resolution, chroma, sensitivity and dynamic range of performance, so that users can be based on the results of our testing, to select the professional camera they need.

1, for each camera equipment in the approximate shooting environment to shoot a number of different sets of video samples for comparison, and each group of video samples to provide the corresponding frame picture sequence

2, in the video comparison function, the user by manual selection to compare the device, then can achieve two different devices between the video samples of the effect of

3, video samples at the same time provide 6 sets of histograms, can be more directly and clearly observe the exposure of each frame of the image parameters, but also provide a more comprehensive video than the material.

4, the main video preview area to provide playback, Video Recording Devices pause, previous frame, next frame, stop playback function, more convenient for single frame effect preview

5, each device provides a bright environment video, dark Environment video, static figure three kinds of video resources

6, each equipment can provide more than ISO value video comparison

7. Each device can provide video comparison of gamut range

8, for each device's single frame image, can provide the original preview view function

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