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Video Recording Devices Shooting Distance

EOS 650D pursuit of small and lightweight, easy to operate, which greatly facilitated our long-term camera in the shooting needs, after all, more heavy camera is not easy to operate, Video Recording Devices effective pixels about 18 million to meet our requirements on the quality, the highest About 5 / sec continuous shooting speed, as long as the light in the case of the right, to ensure a good success rate.

650D kit with the EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS II lens, the lens in the shooting should pay attention to when the light is very good shooting, can shoot a good portrait photos. Video Recording Devices If you can buy a 50MMF1.8 lens, also known as the standard lens, which is commonly known as the head, 50mm lens shot three quarters or the whole portrait is very ideal. Because at this time can achieve a good shooting distance, the background can be a good fusion into the photo. The only problem encountered when using a standard lens is that the subject can not be separated from the background. Often, it is better to make the background blurry, Video Recording Devices so that the audience's attention will focus on the object and will not make the background overwhelming. When using standard lenses and shorter focal lengths, the depth of field will increase slightly. Therefore, even if you use a large aperture when shooting, it may be difficult to separate the subject from the background. This is especially true when shooting outdoors, because the spot or other distracting background element will easily get people's attention away from the subject.

Shorter telephoto lens. In adult portrait photography, with a short telephoto lens shot can achieve accurate perspective effect. Since children are much shorter than adults, Video Recording Devices shooting with a shorter telephoto lens can achieve the same effect as using a longer telephoto lens in adult portrait photography. A shorter telephoto lens can achieve a better working distance, which is useful when shooting children. It can achieve a shallow depth of field, usually also soften the background.

Longer telephoto lens. 200mm lens or very popular, Video Recording Devices 80-200mm f / 2.8 zoom (Nikon, Canon all have) the lens is a good portrait lens, because they can achieve very shallow depth of field, so that the background blurred, to provide a clean background. Telephoto lens can achieve a very narrow viewing angle, with a large aperture shooting, the focal length can be achieved very shallow depth of field, it can be used to highlight the eyes, or clear focus on the subject positive. 80-200mm zoom lens is very flexible, Video Recording Devices you can use the middle of the focal length settings, such as 105mm or 120mm, this can achieve the correct perspective and excellent background control and composition.

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