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Video Recording Devices Principle

The recording device is for recording television images and audio, can store TV program video signals, and then can be re-sent to the TV transmitter or directly to the TV in the tape recorder.

Principle: video equipment is the basic tool for the production of television programs, tape video equipment development process is also from the analog signal form transition to the digital signal form. As the video signal processing has 4: 2: 2, 4: 1, 1, 4: 2: 0 format, the compression method has the field DCT, intra-frame DCT and MPEG-2 points, bit rate compression ratio is different Bit rate of about 200Mbps, 100Mbps or so, 50Mbps and 25Mbps points, the tape width of 3 / 4,1 / 2,1 / 4 inch and MP and ME of the division, digital recording equipment format is very diverse.

Function: The recording device is a recording and reproducing device in the closed circuit television monitoring system. It requires that the recording time can be very long. Most of the video recording equipment can watch 24H ~ 960H video. In addition, the video equipment must also have a remote control function, which can easily carry out long-distance operation of the recording device, or in the closed-circuit television system with the control signal to automatically operate the video equipment.

Closed-circuit television surveillance system dedicated video recording equipment is intermittent video recording equipment, it has a variety of time interval recording mode, in a 1/2 inch VHS / E180 cartridge, the longest can record up to 960H video. The video device is equipped with a character signal generator to display the month / day / year / week / hour / minute / second / recording mode on the image signal, and the number and alarm mode of the camera and the alarm can be displayed on the image. With the automatic recording cycle setting function, you can program the recording mode for each day of the week. When the alarm signal is received, the recording device will automatically enter the continuous recording state, in the case of no alarm, restore the normal intermittent recording mode. In addition, the video equipment also has a lock protection key, so that non-normal instructions and operation is invalid, to prevent non-professionals and destructive operations violation of closed-circuit television monitoring system.

The main products: DVR (Digital Video Recorder) DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Hard disk video recording equipment (that is, digital video recording equipment, compared to the traditional analog video recording equipment, using hard disk video, it is often referred to as hard disk video recording equipment, also known as DVR. It is a set of computer systems for image storage processing, with long-term video, voice recording, remote monitoring and control functions.With the wave of digital progress continues to gain personal support, DVR has become a new century digital security The new darling, DVR applications from the initial financial development to the traffic, public security, the environment, intelligent buildings, squares, room, test room and so on a variety of applications, as long as the use of images and sound to monitor the place will think of DVR System. DVR has become a hot product in the field of video surveillance, becoming a bright spot in the current security products.

In the security industry, the traditional video surveillance project commonly used in the tape long delay recording equipment, this video equipment using the tape as a carrier to store video data, video data using analog storage, video signal after repeated signal Serious attenuation, video tape occupies a lot of storage space, maintenance and data retrieval are more trouble. With the development of computer technology, hardware and software updates are all for video data storage provides a new way of thinking.

The early hard disk video recording equipment on the video data processing capacity is not enough, so there is no large-scale application, with the development of technology, on the one hand the computer processing capacity greatly enhanced, while IC technology is also advancing, this are hard disk video equipment It is possible to handle multiple video signals at the same time.

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