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Video Recording Devices More Stable

In strict accordance with the standard design and development of police production standards, Video Recording Devices anti-stamping, high temperature / alpine, equipment, Video Recording Devices more durable, more stable. Higher integration, more power consumption, the industry's most slim body, lower weight, more portable. Broadcast full HD real-time pure hardware coding platform from the PC platform, the use of embedded Linux system, pure hardware coding platform, the system is more stable and reliable operation. Built-in powerful high-performance dual-core A9 processor, Video Recording Devices high-efficiency real-time multi-protocol codec engine, Video Recording Devices which can simultaneously 4-channel 1080P HD video digital processing. Advanced high-definition picture segmentation with a unique codec algorithm to provide high-quality picture output, fully meet the user requirements for high-quality screen.

SDI high-speed digital serial interface to send 1080P high-definition digital images to support the SMPTE standard SDI digital interface camera. With no delay, Video Recording Devices no compression, Video Recording Devices no distortion and other excellent features, the highest rate support 3G, and compatible with 1.5G HD 16: 9 digital images. To ensure that the real-time requirements of the scene is relatively high image transmission.

Photographic equipment is the camera, the lens and its related accessories, Video Recording Devices and photography activities related to the various equipment, Video Recording Devices items collectively. Including film and other consumables and most of the photographic equipment operators operating by the use of the waistcoat, photographic bags and so belong to the scope of photographic equipment.

Range of photographic equipment, a wide range, Video Recording Devices in addition to the well-known camera, the main include a variety of zoom lens, fixed focus lens

Flashlight, various use of color filters, camera bags, camera tripod, studio flash, soft box, all kinds of lighthouse, reflector, reflective umbrella, outside the lights, Video Recording Devices video lights, quartz lights, lens cover, hood, tripod , Monopods, camera cleaning utensils, shutter lines, etc., also includes the annex to the equipment.

Traditional photographic equipment also includes darkroom printers, Video Recording Devices amplifiers, safety lights, polishing machines, thermostats, timers, and so on.

Now digital cameras have been photography and video integration, Video Recording Devices it is also known as a wider range of imaging equipment, including photography and camera two lineup.

This is the majority of photographers love and hate things, with the brand SLR manufacturers continue to upgrade, it is also very fast update speed. And the price of the original lens is also a lot of money, is the pursuit of equipment that "equipment party" will never be able to meet things;

Camera lens dust cover is also essential. Of course, Video Recording Devices this is also in the accessories. But with a long time, it is inevitable damage, the phenomenon of relent. Video Recording Devices Lens cover the most important role is to protect the lens, to prevent dust from entering, so that the lens life, shooting the best results. This thing is generally not expensive, photography enthusiasts can be based on their own camera models to reserve.

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