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Video Recording Devices Instructions For Use

The recording device is for recording television images and audio, can store TV program video signals, and then can be re-sent to the TV transmitter or directly to the TV tape recorder.

Function: The recording equipment is a recording and reproducing device in the closed circuit television monitoring system. It requires that the recording time can be very long. Most video surveillance equipment can record 24H ~ 960H video. In addition, the recording equipment must also have a remote control function, which can easily carry out long-distance operation of the recording equipment, or in the closed-circuit television system with the control signal automatically operate the video equipment.

Closed-circuit television surveillance system dedicated video recording equipment is intermittent video recording equipment, it has a variety of time interval recording mode, in a 1/2 inch VHS / E180 cartridge, the longest can record up to 960H video. The recording device is equipped with a character signal generator to display the month / day / year / week / hour / minute / second / recording mode on the image signal, and the number and alarm mode of the camera and the alarm can be displayed on the image. With the automatic recording cycle setting function, you can program the recording mode for each day of the week. When the alarm signal is received, the recording device will automatically enter the continuous recording state, in the case of no alarm, restore the normal intermittent recording mode. In addition, the video equipment also has a lock protection key, so that non-normal instructions and operation is invalid, to prevent non-professionals and destructive operations violation of closed-circuit television monitoring system.

Category: hard disk video equipment is divided into two categories, one is based on the computer architecture PC-based hard disk video recording equipment (also become industrial-based hard disk video recording equipment), a class based on embedded processor embedded hard disk video recording equipment, from The current market applications, the two are different, the early hard disk video equipment are based on the computer architecture PC-based hard disk video recording equipment, and later embedded hard disk video equipment market share gradually increased, the current two in the market share of the basic flat The

Domestic hard disk video recording equipment products are dominated by domestic, PC-type hard disk video recording equipment technology is mature, but there is no brand products, more users are or engineering their own assembly, and embedded hard disk video equipment entry threshold is higher, Mainly based on the brand. PC-based hard disk video recording equipment can be subdivided into based on the acquisition card (also known as soft pressure card) and based on compression card (also known as hard pressure card) 2 kinds. Embedded hard disk video equipment in view of technical factors, is still less than 16 video input products, more than 16 of the embedded products are still rare.

Instructions for use: As the video equipment is a collection of electricity, magnetic, mechanical precision of the sophisticated electronic equipment, correct and reasonable use to make it a good working condition, to extend the service life and reduce the occurrence of failure. The use of video equipment should generally note the following points:

1, familiar with the instructions, the new video equipment or the initial use of video equipment should not be anxious to use power, because a wide variety of video equipment, a variety of machine operation and use of the method there are always some differences. Therefore, you should first read the instructions carefully, understand the switches, buttons, input and output jacks and connection methods, in strict accordance with the instructions specified in the operating instructions to ensure the normal use of the machine. Otherwise, it is not only possible to make the machine work is not normal, but also the risk of damage.

2, check the power supply voltage, check the video equipment supply voltage is aligned 220V. When you adjust the voltage selector, you must turn off the camcorder's power and unplug the power cord from the power outlet. Some video equipment using switching power supply, the voltage between 110-240V can be applied without adjustment.

3, a good use of the environment, environmental conditions directly affect the life of video equipment, video equipment should be dry, ventilated, clean, away from the vibration source and strong magnetic field storage and work. The recording equipment should be placed in a stable place, to avoid strong vibration and collision; should also be placed in a ventilated position to avoid high temperatures, do not place in the wet and dusty places; should be close to the monitor to shorten the transmission cable The length of the signal loss and reduce the interference. Do not put the video equipment near the strong magnetic field, because working in a strong magnetic field will affect the use of the effect, do not place in the oil, alcohol and other dilution and volatile drugs near.

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