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Video Recording Devices Directions For Use

Video equipment is used for record the TV picture and sound, can store TV video signals, and can send them back to TV transmitter after the tape recorder or directly to the TV.


The video recorder is a recording and resetting device in CCTV's surveillance system. It requires a very long time to record, and most of the video recorders dedicated to the surveillance system can record 24H ~ 960H video. In addition, the VCRS must have remote control, which can be used to remotely operate the VCR, or to operate the VCRS on closed-circuit television systems.

Closed-circuit television monitoring system in the special video recorder is intermittent video recorder, it has a variety of interval video mode, in a plate of 1/2 inch VHS/E180 cassette, the longest can record up to 960 h of the video. Video signal generator with character, but on the image signal/here/day/year/week/minutes/seconds/video mode, also on the image shows the serial number of cameras and alarm and alarm. Using the automatic video cycle setting function, you can program the video mode of each day in a week. When the alarm signal is received, the video recorder will automatically enter the continuous recording mode, and the normal intermittent video mode will be restored without alarm. In addition, the video camera also has a lock protection key, which makes the abnormal instruction and operation invalid, and prevents the non-professional and destructive operation from violating the CCTV monitoring system.

Main products

Digital hard disk

Hard disk Video Recorder or DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The hard disk Video Recorder, namely Digital Video Video Recorder, compared to the traditional analog Video recorders, USES the hard disk Video, so it is often referred to as the hard disk Video Recorder, also known as the DVR. It is a set of computer systems for image storage and processing, with long time video recording, recording, remote monitoring and control of image/speech. Along with the progress of digital wave, DVR has become the new favorite of digital security, new century DVR has from the initial application of the financial sector development to the traffic, public security, the environment, intelligent building, plaza, room, examination room, and so on a variety of applications, as long as it is to use graphics and sound monitoring sites will think of DVR system. DVR has become a hot product in the video monitoring field, which is a bright spot in the current security products.

In the security industry, widely used in the traditional video monitoring project long time delay of the video tape type, use the VCR tape as a carrier of the video data storage, video storage data using simulated way, video signal the signal attenuation is serious, after many copy video tape takes up a lot of storage space, maintenance and data retrieval is more troublesome. With the development of computer technology, the technical updating of hardware and software has provided new ideas for the storage of video data.

Early hard disk video recorder to the video data processing ability also is not very enough, so there is no large-scale applications, with the development of technology, on the one hand, computer processing power increases greatly, at the same time IC technology by leaps and bounds, and also all of this as the hard disk video recorder at the same time possible for multi-channel video signal processing.

Directions for use

Because the video is the essence of a set of electric, magnetic, mechanical precision electronic equipment, correct and reasonable use to keep the good working condition, prolong service life, reduce the occurrence of failure. You should pay attention to the following points when using VCR:

1, familiar with the operation instruction, new video recorder or first use video recorders are not emergency in electricity use, because the VCR variety, there is always some difference between all kinds of using method of operating the machine. So, should first read the operation instruction, make clear the switch, button, the function of the input, output, jack and connection method, strictly in accordance with the method prescribed by the instruction manual operation, to ensure the normal use of the machine. Otherwise, it is not only possible that the machine is not working properly, but there is also the risk of damage.

2. Check the power supply voltage and check whether the power supply voltage of the VCR is aimed at 220V. When adjusting the voltage selector, you must turn off the VCR and pull the power cord from the power outlet. Some VCRS use switch voltage stabilizer, and the voltage can be applied between 110 and 240V without adjustment.

3, good use of the environment, the stand or fall of environmental conditions directly affect the service life of the video camera, video recorder should be kept in dry and ventilated, clean, away from the vibration source and the strong magnetic field under the environment of storage and work. The VCR should be placed in a stable place to avoid strong vibrations and collisions. It should also be placed in a good ventilation position to avoid the high temperature, not to be placed in damp and dusty places; The monitor should be as close as possible to reduce the length of transmission cable, reduce signal loss and external interference. Don't put the VCR near a strong magnetic field, because working in a strong magnetic field will affect the use of the VCR, and do not place in the vicinity of oil, alcohol, and other dilutions and volatile drugs.

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