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Video Recording Devices Classification

Video equipment is used for record the TV picture and sound, can store TV video signals, and can send them back to TV transmitter after the tape recorder or directly to the TV.

Directions for use

Due to the video equipment is a set of electric, magnetic, mechanical essence of precision electronic equipment, correct and reasonable use to keep the good working condition, prolong service life, reduce the occurrence of failure. When using video equipment, the following points should be paid attention to:

1, familiar with the operation instruction, new video equipment or first use of video equipment emergency in electricity use, not because there is a great variety of video recording equipment, all kinds of using method of operating the machine always has some difference. So, should first read the operation instruction, make clear the switch, button, the function of the input, output, jack and connection method, strictly in accordance with the method prescribed by the instruction manual operation, to ensure the normal use of the machine. Otherwise, it is not only possible that the machine is not working properly, but there is also the risk of damage.

2. Check the power supply voltage and check whether the power supply voltage of the video equipment is aligned to 220V. When adjusting the voltage selector, you must turn off the video equipment power supply and pull the power cord from the power socket. Some video equipment USES switch voltage stabilizer, and the voltage can be applied between 110 and 240V without adjustment.

3, good use of the environment, the stand or fall of environmental conditions directly affect the service life of video equipment, video equipment should be kept in dry and ventilated, clean, away from the vibration source and the strong magnetic field under the environment of storage and work. Video equipment should be placed in a stable place to avoid strong vibration and collision. It should also be placed in a good ventilation position to avoid the high temperature, not to be placed in damp and dusty places; The monitor should be as close as possible to reduce the length of transmission cable, reduce signal loss and external interference. Video equipment should not be placed near a strong magnetic field, because working in a strong magnetic field will affect the use of the device, and do not place in the vicinity of oil, alcohol and other dilutions and volatile drugs.


Hard disk video recording equipment are divided into two categories, one is based on computer architecture of the PC hard disk video recording equipment and industrial control type hard disk video recording equipment (again), a kind of embedded hard disk video recording equipment based on embedded processor, from the current market applications, two each has his strong point, hard disk video recording equipment are based on early PC hard disk video recording equipment of computer architecture, then embedded hard disk video recording equipment market share gradually increase, the current in a market where the two share a flat.

Domestic hard disk video recording equipment at present is given priority to with domestic products, PC hard disk video recording equipment and mature technology, but there is no brand products, more are users or engineering, assembly, and higher entry barrier of embedded hard disk video recording equipment, mainly brand to give priority to. PC - type hard disk video devices can be subdivided into acquisition card (also known as soft pressing card) and compressing card (also known as hard pressing card). Based on the technical factors, the embedded hard disk video equipment is still based on less than 16 video input, and the embedded products above 16 are still very rare.


Industrial control machine PC DVR

The PC DVR of industrial control machine adopts the industrial control box, which can resist the harsh and disturbing industrial environment. With CPU industrial integrated card and industrial base, more visual audio channel number and more IDE hard disk can be supported. Of course, the price is two or three times as much as the average commercial PC. It is often used in various important situations and in situations requiring more channels.

Commercial PC DVR

PC DVR is also used in PC DVR to improve the stability and reliability of the system. It adopts the common PC motherboard and various boards to meet the requirements of the system. Its price is cheap, it is good for the environment. It is often used in a variety of general occasions, and its image channels are generally less than 24.

Server PC DVR

The server PC DVR USES the server box and motherboard, and its system is more stable and reliable than the previous two. Often have UPS uninterruptible power and a huge amount of disk storage array, support hard disk heat extraction function. It can run continuously for 24 hours and 7 days. It is often used to monitor the large number of channels and the special application departments that require very high monitoring requirements.

The embedded

Embedded system generally refers to a non-pc system, which has computer functions but is not called computer equipment or equipment. It is a microcomputer system with the application as the center, the hardware and software can be reduced, the function, the reliability, the cost, the volume, the power consumption and other strict requirements of the microcomputer system. In simple terms, the application of embedded system set system software and hardware into an organic whole, similar to PC in the BIOS works, has the software code is small, highly automated, fast response, etc, especially suitable for real-time and multitasking are required.

Embedded DVR is based on embedded processor and embedded real-time operating system of embedded system, it USES a dedicated chip for image compression and decompression playback, embedded operating system is mainly to complete the whole machine control and management. Such products is not so many modules and PC DVR redundant software functions, in the design and manufacture of the stability of the software and hardware for the targeted planning, so this kind of product quality is stable, there will be no freezing problems, and in audio compression code stream storage speed, resolution and have greater improvement on quality, in terms of function was not as inferior as PC DVR.

PC DVR to complete the realization of various functions rely on a variety of interface card, such as audio compression card, network card, sound card, graphics card, etc., this plug-in system in system assembly, maintenance, transportation unreliable problems easily, can not be used in industrial control field, only suitable for low requirements for reliability of commercial office environment. Embedded DVR system based on the integration of the hardware structure, the compression of the entire audio, display, network, etc all can be done by a single board, greatly improved the reliability and stability of the system hardware.

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