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Video Conferencing Cameras The Higher The Better.

As far as the camera is concerned, Video Conferencing Cameras there are two kinds of CCD and CMOS in the market. Generally speaking, CMOS products cost and power consumption is relatively low, this is also the market many use USB interface products do not need external power supply reasons, Video Conferencing Cameras but in the image quality of the CCD more than a chip. At present the CCD element size is 1/3 inches or 1/4 inches, at the same resolution, it is advisable to choose a larger component size.

In the actual purchase, the user often think that the camera pixels higher and better, in fact, this idea is too one-sided. It is undeniable that the pixel value is an important indicator of the quality of the camera, but also to judge its pros and cons of the more important signs,Video Conferencing Cameras but users should note that the higher the pixel value of the product its analytic image ability is stronger. In this way, when the camera to work, Video Conferencing Cameras the computer data processing ability also requires a higher, otherwise it will cause the delay of the screen, thus affecting the transmission of video conferencing.

In the practical application of video conferencing, the image resolution is generally higher than that of video resolution. The market on the camera can give the kind of resolution is not the same, so users in the purchase time to pay attention to, some resolution is the identification of these products using the software can achieve the interpolation resolution, but compared with the hardware resolution still has a certain gap.

HD Video Conferencing Camera FAQs

1, no action, no image

This kind of problem is generally caused by power supply fault, Video Conferencing Cameras switching power supply failure, power cord plug loosening, simpler. The user can solve the problem by excluding power supply and plug in the power cord.

2, in the application process self-test can not be carried out or accompanied by noise

For this type of problem, Video Conferencing Cameras the user can first check whether the power cord is loose, because the power line loose easily caused by insufficient power supply, directly resulting in problems. Video Conferencing Cameras If the power cord is not loose, it is likely to be mechanical failure, the user needs to send the product to overhaul.

3. Not controlled by remote control

Generally speaking, Video Conferencing Cameras this problem is mainly caused by the low battery power of the remote control or the use distance, the user can be solved by replacing the remote control battery and adjusting the use distance.

4. The camera image is lost when the PTZ rotates.

Generally speaking, this problem mainly because the power supply is not enough or the camera video line contact is bad, the user can check the power cord plug is loose and replace the video cable to be resolved.

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