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Video Conferencing Cameras Technology Penetration

Over the years, Video Conferencing Cameras the government and large enterprises have been the main market of domestic video conferencing, its application model is also the traditional TV and telephone conference. In recent years, the government and large enterprises on the application of video conferencing needs are changing, video conferencing to the extension of SMEs is also faster and faster, Video Conferencing Cameras coupled with cloud computing, media integration, mobile Internet technology penetration, domestic video The meeting is showing some new trends.

With the increasing use of video conferencing, Video Conferencing Cameras everyone on the video conference requirements are getting higher and higher, for video conferencing, we will say that video is more important, it is not true, video conferencing, audio is the most important, Video Conferencing Cameras that participants The communication is mainly through audio dialogue or discussion to achieve, video as long as there are pictures, if the performance can be clearly the best, but the most convincing certainly is the audio, Video Conferencing Cameras with good video and ordinary audio than with a good audio Ordinary video to be useful. Of course, because of the importance of audio products for now is not very high, resulting in the video conference process, Video Conferencing Cameras the probability of audio problems are high.

This is mainly reflected in the other side of the voice is very light, it is very hard to hear what the other side talking about. The problem is generally out of the sound collection, the side can first test their own speakers or speakers, with the local computer to play the test to see if the playback volume is large enough to determine if the side of the audio downlink is normal, Video Conferencing Cameras you can basically judge the problem On the uplink, you can adjust the size of the device input (recording) volume, which requires special signature, is to adjust the recording volume, the actual operation is often a lot of people, only to adjust the speaker's voice, Video Conferencing Cameras and will not adjust the size of the recording volume.

The size of the noise, there are two main aspects of the impact of the first meeting of the process, there may be fans, air conditioning and other noise sources, and the general class audio pickup products will not have a special noise, resulting in noise are picked up , The second is the audio up, the recording volume is too large, resulting in a slight action have a larger sound collection, causing noise, Video Conferencing Cameras of course, sometimes the conference software has some features, such as noise reduction, Video Conferencing Cameras squelch and other functions open , If the conflict with the software, but also easy to cause noise.

Video conferencing process, found to hear their own voice and came back, for example, when a lot of mobile phones with hands-free, it is also prone to the kind of situation, this is the main audio equipment is not good. Although the current video conferencing software has to eliminate the echo function, but there is no one can really eliminate the echo, so also need to front-end audio equipment to match, Video Conferencing Cameras such as Ai Li Te audio omnidirectional microphone, need its own echo cancellation , So as to ensure that the other side of the sound from the speaker out, not from the product pickup parts and outgoing, leading to echo. Video Conferencing Cameras If the conditions are limited, you can reduce the sensitivity of the audio input device, increase the pickup equipment and speakers, the space distance of the amplifier, reduce the sound and improve the echo through the distance effect.

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