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Video Conferencing Cameras Of The Important Indicators

Lens is an important part of the camera, the camera's sensor can be divided into CCD and CMOS. CCD (Charge Coupled Device) is a high-end technology component for photographic imaging. CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) is used in low image quality products. Manufacturing costs lower than the CCD, power consumption is much lower, which is the market a lot of USB interface products without external power supply reasons. CCD components are currently the size of more than 1/3 inch or 1/4 inch, at the same resolution, it is appropriate to select the larger component size as well.

Pixel value is an important indicator of the quality of the camera, but also to determine the merits of the more important signs. Early introduction of the product pixel value is generally around 10 million, because the technical content is not high, it is now in the elimination of the edge. Now the mainstream product of its pixel value is generally around 35 million. It is not necessary to consider pixel values. Because the higher the pixel value of the product its ability to parse the image the stronger, so that when the camera to work, the computer data processing capacity is also demanding, otherwise it will cause the screen delay, which affected the video The transfer of the meeting

Resolution is the ability of the camera to resolve the image. Of course, its and CCD / CMOS is a good relationship is good or bad. Generally can be divided into camera resolution and video resolution of two, is the static screen capture resolution and dynamic picture capture resolution. In the practical application of video conferencing, the general image resolution is higher than the video resolution. The camera can give the type of resolution is not the same, so you should pay attention to when buying, some resolution of the logo is that these products can use the software to achieve the interpolation resolution, but the hardware resolution Rate or still have a certain gap

The camera needs to be used with the video capture card. Camera is the core equipment of video conferencing system, according to user requirements, a reasonable choice is very important. Now the system is generally used CCD camera (Charge Coupled Device) that is, charge-coupled device, Video Conferencing Cameras because it is compared with the vacuum tube camera with small size, light weight; inert small; high sensitivity; good image uniformity; good impact resistance; Video Conferencing Cameras long life advantage.

Conference room-level applications, in order to get better video effects, generally use the camera as a video source. For video conferencing applications, Video Conferencing Cameras the camera can be divided into two categories, one is fixed, one for the mobile type. Fixed type is fixed on the desktop or bracket, the lens of the transfer to obtain video images. Mobile type, also known as portable, Video Conferencing Cameras the user can with their own wishes, select the video information input.

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