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Video Conferencing Cameras Essential

With the popularization of video conferencing, video conferencing camera has received more and more attention as a necessary device for video conferencing. Video Conferencing Cameras However, because most ordinary users do not know about it, and the current market conference camera brand complex, so many users at a loss. How can I buy a product that I'm applying to? Users should start from the following:

1. Resolution

Resolution is the ability of a camera to parse and discriminate images. It has a direct effect on the effect of the image. Resolution is generally divided into the image resolution and video resolution of two, is the static picture capture resolution and dynamic picture capture resolution. In the practical application of video conferencing, the image resolution is generally higher than the video resolution degree. Video conferencing cameras on the market can give the kind of resolution is not the same, so buy time to pay attention to, Video Conferencing Cameras some resolution is the identification of these products using software to achieve the interpolation resolution, but the hardware resolution is still a certain gap.

2, Pixel

Pixel value is an important index that affects the quality of video conferencing camera, and it is also an important mark to judge its pros and cons. The early launch of the product pixel value is generally around 100,000, because the technical content is not high, is now at the edge of elimination, users should pay attention to when purchasing. But it is also unnecessary to consider pixel values blindly. Video Conferencing Cameras Because the higher the pixel value of the product analytic image ability is stronger, its computer data processing ability also requires higher. If the computer configuration is not high enough, it will cause the delay of the screen, thus affecting the transmission of video conferencing. Therefore, users in the purchase of products should be comprehensive consideration of their own equipment, do not blindly pursue the trend.

3. Lens

Lens is an important part of video conferencing camera. Video conferencing cameras in the current market can be divided into CCD and CMOS sensors. The advantage of CMOS is that the manufacturing cost is lower than the CCD and the power consumption is much lower, but because the application technology is still immature, there is not a wide range of applications, but the industry people think it is the future trend. Video Conferencing Cameras At present the CCD element size is 1/3 inches or 1/4 inches, at the same resolution, it is advisable to choose a larger component size. Because the video streaming effect of the analog camera has a large gap compared with the CCD camera, the user chooses the analog camera to avoid the loss of the purchase without any cost.

4. Interface

It is not possible to have a USB interface for high data transmission. Video conferencing camera in the actual use of a large number of data transmission, this user should pay attention to purchase. The high speed of USB data transmission determines the application of video conferencing camera. Video Conferencing Cameras High-speed USB data transmission is a good way to break the bottleneck of large data transmission of image files, so that the computer receives data more quickly, so that the effect of dynamic images is smoother and smoother, which is very important to the meeting effect. In addition, USB port products have always been Plug and play, easy to use by the vast number of computer users widely accepted. Video conferencing camera using USB interface, can be its hardware detection and installation is more convenient.

5, Transmission bandwidth

At present HD is the mainstream trend of video conference promotion. But it is important to note that to achieve the effect of HD, the need for overall HD equipment, Video Conferencing Cameras just to configure high-definition cameras and high-definition reality terminal is not enough, network bandwidth is also one of the key factors. Therefore the user in the purchase HD is should fully consider own bandwidth ability. If the bandwidth is not enough to support HD propagation, there will be a packet loss phenomenon, affecting the effect of the meeting. SD or HD should be truthful and use, must not blindly pursue the trend.

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