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The Surveillance Cameras Secure Your Life


The Surveillance Cameras Secure Your Life

The missing girl YingYing Zhang has been the concern of many people, specially Chinese people. She was kednapped and missing more than 30 days and still no news though some locals wittnessed that she showed up in the town named Salem.

U.S. FBI concluded that she was killed. But this presumption was not accepted by the victim’s family, as there was no evidence support of it. Her family never give up of searching for her, and expect to meet her alived and well.

The suspected man, Brendit Christensen who kidnapped the Chinese girl was caught. But he didnt confess. The Chinese netizens critisize Amercian freedom and their law enforcement, as well as the inefficiencies from the police. In U.S, the police pay attention to the law procedure more than the case itself. Whereas in China the police definately will put all the energy to the case ifself. A special group for the examination of the case may be set up immediately. Some of them will visit the locals who may witness the suspected car, and some of them will specially investigate the surveillance camera video clips that might catch any information concerning this case. As the safty city project may benefit many main streets in the city with high speed domes or fixed cameras. The police are very good at capturing the information from the camera recorders, and they may work over day and night to get the information. And police may break the case within few days thanks to the surveillance cameras. Then when they capture the evidence to prove that the suspect is guilty, they will make the suspect to talk.

Such criminal case happened to YingYing Zhang might be solved efficiently in China. Many cities in China attaches great importance to the Safty-City project, which is the comprehensive management system including CCTV surveillance. Our life is more secured under such system.

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