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Surveillance Camera Buying Tips

Security monitoring is the core of the monitoring system of the camera equipment, selection should be based on the field of the environment and user needs, choose carefully. Principles of selection of various types of surveillance cameras do the following simple instructions, I hope to help your project:

1, depending on installation choices

As fixed installation, monitoring camera more selection general * type monitoring camera or hemisphere monitoring camera as used cloud Taiwan installation way, now more selection integration monitoring camera, as SANNO of SN-220C, features is: built-in electric zoom lens, small beautiful, installation convenient, price excellent, also can used general * type monitoring camera another distribution electric zoom lens way, but price relative high, installation also than integration monitoring camera simple.

2, depending on the installation site selection

Because ordinary *-monitoring cameras, both wall and drop ceiling mount, indoor/outdoor unlimited, flexible dome cameras, ceiling installation only, so much for indoor and limited installation height. But compared with the * camera, does not need another lens, the shield, bracket, easy installation, beautiful and subtle, and affordable.

3, depending on the ambient light option

If the light conditions are not ideal, you should try to select low illumination camera, such as color end of super light surveillance cameras, color black and white automatic conversion of dual-use surveillance cameras, low light black and white surveillance camera, in order to achieve better acquisition effects. It is important to note, if the light is not high, and users to monitor the image clarity is high, suitable for black and white cameras. If no any light, on must added infrared lamp provides lighting or selection has infrared night depending on function of monitoring camera, as SANNO of SN-350CWH or SN-350CW monitoring camera, its features is: monitoring camera itself has color black and white conversion mode, since with lens and installation bracket, unique of vacuum packaging design, in indoor using Shi without added loaded protection cover, and shape beautiful, concealment good, price excellent.

4, selected based on requirements for image clarity

If higher resolution requirements for picture quality, TV line indicator should be used more surveillance cameras. In General, color security camera, 420, 450TVL (TV lines) are resolved for surveillance cameras for high resolution surveillance camera 470TVL. Definition, the higher price is relatively higher.

5, should also pay attention to the product description on some of the performance indicators

Automatic iris lens drive signal to noise ratio, and so on. General TV monitor system SNR target selected is greater than 48dB, which not only meet the requirements of industry standards not less than 38dB, more importantly when the illumination is insufficient, higher signal to noise ratio of the camera the image is clearer. Lenses used dual-drive driven way, in order to choose the DC drivers or video drive auto iris lens.

6, in addition, the security monitoring camera installed more cautious

In strict accordance with the product specifications for correct operation, such as operating temperature, power supply voltage, and so on. Most camera manufacturers is -10~+50 degrees of temperature, such as the use of temperature and humidity variation in the area of special protection should be added. Home surveillance camera AC voltage range is generally 200~240V, supply voltage-resistant ability, when used in a system of required power supply.

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