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Speed Dome Protocols And Quality

High speed dome camera's brain is the decoder, it is only part of the control system and the outside world, where all functions are realized through its decode, in the purchase of should focus in the match to avoid embarrassing situations that we cannot control. Decoder handshake with the command control system, is realized by the same internal conventions, which is commonly referred to as the communication protocol. Users should use the controller to control the protocol type, to select a different type of communication protocol machine.

The protocol type of the controller must be consistent with the protocol type of the ball, in order to control, otherwise the machine will not be controlled. Typically, when the user has selected a control system, for example, systems using PELCO Protocol matrix controller or DVR with this agreement later, in buying a ball when fast dome camera with PELCO Protocol must be selected, otherwise appears beyond the control of the situation. Import fastball communication protocol is essentially self-contained, this is causing users to select control system has certain limitations, now there have been fast dome camera with multi protocol integration, can integrate a variety of domestic and foreign common communications protocols, so that customers can easily composite systems.

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