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Pan/Tilt Performance Options

Speed dome shape of globe-shaped, cylindrical and semi-spherical, installation methods-hanging, wall-mounted, embedded, etc. Project developers or users can choose according to their merits a look suitable high speed dome camera.

Fast PTZ speed dome camera core mechanical components, its reliability high speed dome camera stable and uninterrupted use of the property. Cloud rack for stamping design more convenient, so now most of the use of such structures. But on the other hand, as a result of this composite structure is very high with dozens of kinds of stamping, installation, transport and use of process problems and other reasons, now part of the fast ball manufacturers began to use cast aluminum frame with high design requirements design or injection molding machine design, improves the consistency and shelf stability of bulk products.

High-speed dome camera using the motor it should be noted that, most now using DC motors and stepper motors with DC-motor operation noise less, and more balanced, but high cost and complex control systems, service life is shorter, so manufacturers are starting to use stepper motors.

Stepper motor with low cost, accurate position control, long life and other advantages and control and noise problems have been resolved, through the high segment of the motor-drive, minimizing at low speeds at high magnification image dithering, reduce visual fatigue of the monitor staff. In addition, fast dome camera features than ordinary PTZ superior, its speed of rotation to the mobile phone can easily target, infinite Rotary slip rings design, target phone ensures speed, improved due to line stretch causing life problems; 180 degree automatically rotate solves the problem of lost just below the moving target. Therefore, the integration of high speed dome camera is more complex, multifunctional PTZ systems are reliable.

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