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Intelligent High Speed Dome Security Wisdom

The so-called security, safety and security, for the purpose of intelligent high-speed dome reflected in the security industry; prevention: to prevent, the security industry is to modern science and technology for the protection, defense, defense, physical protection closely combine to form a complete security system. To intelligent high-speed ball mainly of security industry has deepening Internet + concept, to introduced has increasingly more of big data, and intelligent of, and integrated of of industry application, after this two years of development, security industry of concept also gradually mature this sets system and can is divided into: video monitoring, and anti-theft alarm, and intelligent analysis, and buildings on told, and access control and so on child category, to effective of guarantees we of work, and learning, and entertainment, and traffic, daily.

Video surveillance: "monitoring analogue" mission is to capture images of the video surveillance system. Along with monitoring whether the quality or the contrast of an image of escalating, today's high speed dome video surveillance equipment to capture images is only the first step, is also the most simple step. Intelligent security systems, intelligent surveillance camera was a guard for 24 hours without rest.

Burglar alarms: alarm is intelligent, the most important embodiment of that false alarm rate. Too sensitive too much alarm the alarm system information, you will feel tired and wasted a lot of manpower and material resources. But poor sensitivity alarm system while not wasting manpower and resources, but ignored the real threat, the consequences would be unthinkable. Intelligent high speed dome camera intelligent analysis of different equipment, ultimately tell whether the threat is real, and whether the alarm is enabled.

Access control: access control system is the security industry's most fitting "prevention" devices, other devices work only after the most threatening, and access control systems, on the other hand. The access control system is not only the gate, security doors, so simple, but the design of a cartoon, intercom, biometrics, and so on a series of "verified" functional product. Intelligent access control system of intelligent speed dome is primarily reflected in these "verification" combination of equipment, such as subways, shopping malls.

Intelligent security system as a whole, intelligent speed dome is an important component of combination of these intelligent devices. In this system, each set of equipment of the Division for them, forming a valid so as to build a security system as a whole. As more and more new idea is introduced to the security industry, such as UAVs, VR, robotics, and so on, the scope of application of intelligent security systems will be more and more functionality will become more and more powerful.

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