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Integrated Speed Dome Reference

Undoubtedly, customers are most concerned about is price, but price is not the only choice, the customer must take into account a combination of factors, weighing factors such as product performance and price, selecting performance indicators to meet project requirements, stable and reliable, affordable products is the customer's choice.
On product quality of service must also be reduced to product quality and service quality including product quality problems arise after repair or replacement, including pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system. Pre-sale to jointly explore with the customer the best solution for the project, providing free product training to customers, demonstrates the performance characteristics of the products. Service to guide customers on how to properly install and debug device, and provide timely and thoughtful service, solving the customer's problem and so on. Well even the introduction of new products of an enterprise, but still good to have sold products hardware and software maintenance and support.
High speed rotating machine is designed for quick ball from one observation to another observation perspectives, so speed is more of presets, alarm linkage, for example, need according to the alarm signal is fast dome camera to the observation area, and focus rapidly to a reasonable range so that users can watch alarm screen.
Is the zoom factor, some users only care about how many times the zoom, but ignore the scope of comparison, how much short, telephoto is. The important function of high speed ball, the ball should not only stay on the above points, the ball is more than just a camera, but a complex multifunctional camera system. Manufacturers often add a lot of useful features, some users may consider only some basic functionality, and some projects for convenience in the installation are not considered other outstanding features, functionality will result in waste, so machine cannot fully play its importance. Such as window shielding of the ball machine, which is very important.
Installation place the ball more and more now, on the one hand easier for users to monitor coverage, but it also makes some people's privacy or expose some secret place on the screen, inadvertently may have violated the privacy of citizens. So manufacturers in designing the time has come to give serious consideration to this window shielding the privacy point is important in observation while blocked, allowing the operator cannot spy on privacy, will focus on the important point, of course, these are masked when events occur is likely unable to get image. On this point, some high-end manufacturers use the Zoom window screen, detailed privacy cannot be seen when the focal length farther point, shielding is automatically cancelled, which ensures the security and to maintain the privacy.
In the actual selection, users should also be on different occasions to choose different types of machine used to match the actual demand. As in sports venues need using can looking up of PTZ camera Shi, can select with looking up function of ball machine to reached level to Shang looking up of purpose, elevation ball machine of hidden beautiful guarantee venues of overall design coordination natural, it and other ball machine as of powerful function and can excellent to completed monitoring task; in need dust anti-fog occasions using Shi, we can select pressure type ball machine, its IP67 of protection grade can provides more high environment adapted capacity; in may often suffered human damage of occasions, We can also choose the Vandal-ball machine, prevent knock, smashing acts of vandalism cause damage to the machine, to ensure normal operation of the monitoring system. According to local conditions to select the most suitable machine, you can greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of the monitoring system as a whole.

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