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High Speed Ball Testing Procedures And Methods Of Use

Test speed dome camera test definition and color reproduction, illumination, backlight compensation, followed by measuring its camera distortion, power consumption, low working voltage, following the first color reproduction and clarity and luminance measurement steps, backlight compensation to introduce.
1. Definition of measurement: multiple high speed dome camera for testing, you should use the same lens, (recommended for fixed-focus, two variable lens) to test card left on right side of the center circle appears on the monitor screen, clear and accurate count has to tick 10 groups of vertical lines and 10 sets of horizontal lines. Represents the horizontal resolution and vertical resolution respectively, and a group has given a line number. 350 vertical horizontal line 800, best black and white monitor. Tests in the focused vision, side focus. Best to both, we can see the differences in this high speed dome camera (for far and near converge).
2. Speed dome cameras color reproducibility testing: test this parameter should choose a color monitor. First distance observed characters, costumes, there is no color distortion, brightly colored object comparison, reaction sensitivity speed dome camera, color pictures in high speed dome camera, see outline clear levels, too weak or too strong, again for moving color object camera, see no color smearing, delay, fuzzy, and so on. Camera illumination 50V test conditions should be measured at the 50+10V brightness, high-speed dome camera illumination based on 10 kV, and should remain in the closest State aperture.
3. Illumination: speed dome cameras placed in a dark room, dark room for active 220V blazing lights, set the regulator and regulator regulating the voltage to the dark room light and shade of the lamp, the voltage can be increased from 0V to 250V. Indoor light can also be transferred from the darkest to the Ming, testing aperture opened to its maximum speed dome camera when logs the minimum illumination value (Dim the lights with active voltage regulator to see the dark Interior-mounted screen) to the smallest aperture then recorded a minimum illumination values, and front and rear lights respectively in Flash.
4. High-speed ball camera backlighting compensation: test this parameter has two species method: a is in dark indoor, put high-speed ball camera Qian side adjustable pressure lamp open, adjustable to most bright Shi, then in lamp of below placed a pictures or text, put high-speed ball camera welcome light camera, see image and text can see, picture thorn not glare, and regulation AL, and AX pulled document switch, see has no changes, which species effect best. Another is in sunny situations the camera to the window, look at the images and text can be seen.
5. High speed dome camera distortion: speed dome camera distortion test card placed in front of the camera so that the whole ball appears on the screen, rounded oval-free, front camera, and look round the Center with or without amplification, and long distance test, edges, corners, box has no radial distortion.
6. High speed dome camera power consumption: minimum operating voltage using a multimeter to measure the current, use a small voltage regulator voltage

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