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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras The Difference Between

The hd-ip high-speed ball camera is an intelligent camera front-end, full of high-speed intelligent ball camera, or integrated high-speed ball, or fastball, or high-speed ball. The high-speed ball is the most complex and comprehensive performance of the surveillance system with the best camera front-end, the manufacture of miscellaneous, the price is expensive, can adapt to the high density, the most complex monitoring situation. High-speed ball is a kind of integration very high product, integrate the haeundae system, communication system, and the camera system, yuntai system refers to the rotation of the motor drive part, communication system refers to the control of the motor as well as to the image and signal processing part, the camera system refers to the integration pattern in the heart.

Functional features

The high-speed ball has several basic functions, the first is the fast running speed, the second is running smoothly, the third is the positioning accuracy.

High speed function

The preset speed is required to be emphasized fast, which can reach more than 250 degrees per second. The second hand control speed emphasizes stability, control sensitive and flexible, not too fast, not abrupt, support speed change.

Preset function

There must be more than 64 presets, and the preset position must be accurate, and the preset position can be remembered after the power is off.

Cruise scanning

You must be able to set the high-speed ball to scan the scanning function between the preset bits.

Senior functional editor

Trajectory memory function

A high-speed ball is required to remember a number of arbitrary trajectories, while the track route can be invoked through the Settings.

Menu display function

Can show a perfect menu operation, through the menu on the operation speed, the preset time, the pattern changes, such as through the menu to the camera parameters change, and programming, automatic tracking, privacy shelter, and other functions.

Bring alarm input and output

Add an alarm input and output module to the high-speed ball.

Network high-speed ball, fiber - speed ball

In the high-speed ball reintegration network video server module or the optical end module.

The difference between

1, medium-speed ball points two kinds, one kind is precision differential stepper motor medium-speed ball, one kind is with a reduction ratio of the stepper motor medium-speed ball, the first is equivalent to a simplified high-speed ball, and the second purely on the principle of difference is larger, a second motor differential through the reduction ratio of the motor itself, and high-speed ball is achieved by the application in the control chip. Therefore, the second type of medium-speed ball will be far inferior to the high-speed ball in the accuracy of the preset position and the speed of operation. The first high-speed ball, is commonly used in ordinary MCU to control the high-speed ball, simplified function, low development platform, using the components is low, such as the power handling, the selection of core chip, the communication part is more savings plan, such as the stability, functional, anti-jamming, the respect such as service life than the ball at a high speed.

2. Uniform ball: the uniform ball is generally divided into two kinds, one is the ball type cloud board with the decoding board, and the decoding board may have the preset function and cannot rotate 360 degrees. This uniform ball is actually the external decoder of the ball type cloud platform into a built-in decoder board. Another ball appeal is the medium at a constant speed of step motor with reduction ratio as well as part of the uniform ball, can generally add a continuous rotation conductive slip ring can achieve 360 degrees, the uniform ball because the torque and parameters of the motor, the speed is not high, preset position, but the technology is simple, don't need many software support.

3, spherical yuntai: spherical yuntai using the motor completely unlike high-speed ball, USES a dc motor, do not need to program, through the control of the current control of the motor, namely the principle of "power transfer". Dc motor manufacturing is simple, widely used, low cost, but short life, small torque (resulting in slow speed), and not easy to control (resulting in unstable, not accurate positioning). Spherical yuntai, generally need to configure the decoder, and the principle of decoder generally USES a set of relay to control electric current pulse, then implement yuntai control of dc motor, the relay is relatively simple, low cost, wide dosage, but the control current than a chip control instruction, belongs to a kind of very backward and simple technology.

More than 4, from the difference in principle, in particular, spherical yuntai, and adopts the reduction ratio of the stepper motor of medium-speed ball, general is all-in-one machine, has nothing to do with the camera with the ball machine communication problems, and high-speed ball USES a camera machine heart, must speak the camera port protocol and function in written to the high-speed ball, so when choosing the high-speed ball, general configuration of the machine is not allow customers in their installation.

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