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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras Stability

The high speed ball has the powerful menu function, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras may enable the user to produce according to the demand the menu program which suits the demand. Thus, the importance of high-speed ball is self-evident. However, most people in the industry and the user to see the high-speed ball first thought is its zoom, illuminance index, rotational speed. This is the right thing to think about on the big side, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras but it often ignores a lot of details and may go into a misunderstanding. Often some high-end ball machines and low-end ball machines in the temporary vision of the image is not much different, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras so this method is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. Because the stability of the ball machine must be used for a long time to feel out, in addition, the design and internal components and materials selection, process implementation of a great difference. HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras In addition, the low-speed performance of the ball machine, angular velocity and the relationship between the line speed and the focal length can be more able to measure the intrinsic quality of the ball machine.

Some users only care about the speed of high-speed rotation of the ball machine, but ignore the low-speed performance of the ball machine, which requires the user to consider the speed of the practical operation of the value brought. High-speed rotation is to quickly convert a ball machine from one observation angle to another, so high-speed more is for the preset position, high-speed technology is not difficult to do, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras but too high speed on the loss of the motor is very big, low end ball function to achieve this index, but its motor life is very short, And some international high-end brand of the ball machine its process performance can also meet this requirement. The speed of the ball machine should not just stay at the high speed, more attention should be paid to the low-speed, for the general ball machine tracking monitoring, the need for users to close the focus of the target carefully tracking and observation of the movement of the target, if the speed is not low, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras the same line speed caused a lot of angular speed, the result is that the user can not track, in addition to Good ball function to do, some of the lower end of the ball machine often do not, when the speed of the slow tracking will appear a shaking a phenomenon, so some high-end ball function to achieve speed with the focal length automatically change.

In the actual selection, the user should also be based on different occasions to choose different types of ball machine to match the actual use of demand. If you need to use a PTZ camera that can look up at stadiums, can choose with looking up the function of the ball machine to achieve the level of upward looking up, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras the hidden beauty of the ball machine to ensure that the overall design of the venue coordination of nature; In case of need of dust and fog, we can choose the pressure type ball machine, Its IP67 level of protection can provide higher adaptability to the environment;

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