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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras Of The Control Project

High-speed smart dome camera to achieve the evolution of the principle of little change, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras in detail, the high-speed ball is the use of "differential step motor motor" structure of its rapid and accurate positioning and rotation, all this is issued by the CPU processing chip Instruction, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras and then the camera's image and control functions into the high-speed ball movement RAM memory, and also the camera's many functions, such as white balance, shutter, aperture, zoom, focus, etc. HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras set to the actual Control the project.

High-speed smart dome camera has several major hardware parts worth mentioning, first of all the rotation of the motor part, then the slip ring, followed by the power part and control the motherboard, the transmission belt is also very important. And its communication part is related to the communication protocol and its protocol (Protocol) way, the communication protocol refers to the high-speed ball with the host system to communicate with each other when the choice of communication content code, communication protocol means that these communication protocols can accept what Way to carry out control instructions issued and communication. In general, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras the current high-speed dome camera to adopt RS-485 communication more, but in the communication and control characters string on the manufacturers are slightly different.

High-definition picture quality: the machine can achieve the level of 1150TVL high-definition effect, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras which is rare in the 1080p ball machine; 2, a good network control function: In addition to smooth stream control, the delay can be maintained at 199-224ms 3, the star-level night vision ability: the machine in the 0.01Lux, the black and white screen can still keep clean, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras clear effect; 4, accurate PTZ positioning effect: PTZ precision, very little There are displacement deviation, even if there can be self-correction; 5, wide dynamic: open before and after the effect is obvious, suitable for shading occasions。

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