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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras Installation Commissioning And Maintenance

HD-IP High speed dome camera is an intelligent camera front end, full name is intelligent high speed dome camera, referred to as high speed ball. High speed dome is the most complex and comprehensive performance of the monitoring system, the best camera front, manufacturing miscellaneous, expensive, able to adapt to high density, the most complex monitoring occasions. High-speed ball is a very high integration product, integrated PTZ system, communication system, and camera system, PTZ system refers to the motor-driven rotation part of the communication system is the control of the motor and the image and signal Of the processing part, the camera system refers to the use of one machine movement.

Features: "high-speed dome camera" is translated from the foreign High Speed Dome, it was called "fast ball", there are people called it "integrated dome camera." But the current market conditions of the product is chaotic, the industry does not make a clear definition of high-speed ball, high-speed ball and the speed of the ball, uniform speed ball, constant speed ball and other concepts are not clearly distinguish. Even so, the industry generally agree that "fast ball" is "high speed ball" short. Speed ball in the same speed, can be variable speed control, but the speed of the ball speed of 60 ° ~ 120 ° / s; high speed ball speed of 120 ° / s or more; uniform ball can be understood as constant speed ball or slow ball, it Can not speed control, can only be constant speed control, speed below 15 ° / s. To speed to divide high-speed ball, medium speed ball, uniform speed of the standard is currently in the industry is a convention.

High-speed dome camera is now in the security market in the high-end integrated camera equipment, but also the darling of the field of television monitoring. Different from the traditional PTZ camera with the program, which Jiuding Group high-speed ball products is one of the more authoritative representative. Jiuding high-speed dome camera has many advantages, it is mainly the camera, electric zoom lens, decoder, CPU processor, non-volatile memory chips integrated in one, sealed in the ball-type protective cover of the intelligent camera system. Because of its beautiful appearance, no pressure, and easy to be aware of, easy to install and many other features, it has an unparalleled advantage. In terms of price, its overall cost is decreasing with the continuous progress of technology, which provides favorable conditions for the next step in the large application of the monitoring system. In system integration, it minimizes the connection in the system construction The probability of the problem; the use of human function design, rapid installation method to facilitate the use of maintenance and maintenance, therefore, much users of all ages.

Buy skills

Price and service quality

Do not doubt that customers are most concerned about the price problem, but the price is definitely not the only factor in the choice of products, customers must consider the comprehensive factors, trade-off product performance and price and other factors, select the performance indicators to meet the project requirements, stable work Reliable, affordable products is the customer's wise choice.

The quality of service on the product must also be summarized in the quality of the product. The quality of service includes the repair or replacement of the product after the quality problem. It should also include the complete service system of pre-sale, sale and sale. Jiuding Group pre-sale and customers to explore the best solution to the project, to provide customers with free product training, and fully demonstrate the performance characteristics of the product. After-sales service to guide customers how to properly install and debug equipment, and timely provision of thoughtful maintenance services to solve the technical problems encountered by customers and so on. Jiuding Group, even if the introduction of new products, but has been selling products still have a good hardware and software maintenance support.

Appearance selection

High-speed ball shape has a global shape, cylindrical and hemispherical, installation methods are hanging, wall-mounted, embedded and so on. Engineering or users can according to their actual situation to choose a suitable appearance of high-speed ball. A good high-speed ball should have the appearance of exquisite characteristics, so that it has a certain visual modification of the role, and no matter what place in the installation will not cause special attention to make it more subtle, will not affect the monitoring sites The overall layout effect.

Installation commissioning and maintenance

The installation of the ball machine

Install the high speed dome camera should be in strict accordance with the electrical specifications of the pipeline laying, the strong power and weak signal line isolation wear, to avoid interference. In the outdoor open environment, should take an independent external lightning protection measures. The ball machine itself should also maintain a good grounding, to prevent static accumulation on the ball machine have an impact.

Install the power cord, communication cable and video cable correctly. When connecting, please refer to the installation instructions carefully to confirm the communication mode and the corresponding pin definition. In general, the equipment should be installed in the late construction to avoid the construction site of a large number of dust into the ball machine, a direct impact on its use and life.

In addition, the following precautions should be given additional attention: Note 1: power supply

To ensure that the ball machine to work properly, the power supply should not be lower than the ball machine input voltage nominal. When the nominal value is 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed ± 25%. The common operating voltage of the ball machine is 24VAC. Currently on the market there are 220VAC model ball machine, the essence of the transformer built in the dome, after the pressure to the ball machine power supply. Wiring should emphasize strong, weak separation, in order to avoid strong electric interference to the weak. Dome internal space is limited, built-in transformer to make strong and weak co-exist, thus affecting the weak signal. In addition, the built-in transformer will increase the heat burden, thereby increasing the possibility of built-in circuit burned.

According to the different site environment, you can choose the local 220VAC to 24VAC, or remote transformer, centralized power supply. Centralized power supply, should take full account of the transmission line on the power loss. Select the output power of the larger equipment and appropriate to increase the output voltage to carry the line voltage drop, such as the choice of 28VAC output to the remote dome power supply.

Is the dome camera available with sufficient power to drive it? Multimeter testing can be done by measuring the voltage of the power cord at one end of the dome with a multimeter in case the load (dome) is on, and whether the observed voltage is within the permissible range of the dome. It is important to note that the outdoor dome is far from the power consumed when the heater is started or stopped, and the maximum power supply required for the ball machine in the harshest environment must be taken into account when supplying power to the outdoor dome.

When the mains voltage fluctuates beyond + 5% -10%, the AC voltage regulator should be set. UPS can be installed to provide uninterrupted and stable power supply.

Note 2: ground

High-speed dome camera grounding is divided into shell grounding and internal electrical grounding.

Shell grounding is mainly used to prevent static electricity accumulation, electrical leakage, outdoor dome is also particularly necessary to install external lightning protection measures. In general, the outdoor dome mounted on the pole stand is naturally grounded due to the rotation of the metal bracket, and can be treated without special treatment.

The data lines and video lines inside the dome have been grounded accordingly, and the GND end of the dome camera is connected to the ground to ensure that the equipment is effectively grounded.

Note 3: ground loop

Even if the equipment is effectively grounded, but the ball machine and the central device between the different status of the zero potential difference, power supply load is uneven, will cause the ground potential difference. The potential difference through the coaxial cable to form a closed loop to generate current, causing interference, thus affecting the normal transmission of video signals, usually expressed in the middle of the horizontal horizontal clutter.

The most effective way to solve the problem of the ground loop is to add the ground loop isolator to the video transmission. Now indoor / outside the ball machine video signal is still mostly using coaxial cable transmission, and part of the ball machine to the center of the device far, easier to form a ground loop. Such as the use of optical transceiver for signal transmission, can be more effective to avoid the impact of the ground loop.

Note four: waterproof

Outdoor dome installation must be waterproof.

For the suspension installation, there is a gap between the ball machine and the bracket. In case of rain and snow, the water will penetrate into the gap caused by the internal harm. Therefore, the installation should take waterproof seal measures to eliminate rain and other access from the screw interface.

The choice of the ball machine mounting bracket is also very important, it is recommended to use the original bracket. Original support fully take into account the waterproof problem, such as the slope of the design of the ball screw terminal slightly higher. Even if the water inside the stent will only flow back to the column, and will not flow into the ball machine. Therefore, if the user to make their own rack should give full consideration to the waterproof factor.

Why is there a water drop in the stent? Generally speaking, the temperature during the day is higher, the water vapor inside the stand into the bracket. When the temperature decreases at night, the water vapor condenses into water droplets and condenses along the wall. When the stent is not inclined design, or the opposite direction of the tilt, the water droplets will flow along the wall into the ball machine, causing harm. To reduce the water vapor into the stent, the stent and the pole can be used with rubber mud or silicone sealing treatment.

Note 5: heat dissipation

High-speed dome camera work when the heat problem must also be considered.

Some brands on the market without outdoor models, it can not be directly applied to the outside, you must add outdoor enclosures and other accessories, so that it can adapt to outdoor harsh or extreme temperature environment.

Equipment commissioning

The control device identifies the dome by the address code set by the micro-dial switch. So the correct set address code to ensure that the ball machine's normal communication. To Pelco's ball machine, for example, micro-dial switch can set the communication baud rate and the ball machine's mailing address. The ball machine is usually compatible with a variety of protocols, such as Pelco ball machine compatible coaxial, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, different agreement between the ball machine with adaptive function, no need to set up separately.

SW1 is used to set the address information of the dome camera; SW2 is the terminal information of the dome when the communication line is daisy-chained, such as the far-end ball machine should be set to the terminal state; SW3 is used to set the ball machine and control equipment Of the communication baud rate, shown in the use of 6,7,8 micro-dial switch different combinations can choose a different baud rate. 1 to 5 number of DIP switches used to select some other auxiliary functions.

After the completion of each ball machine should be the first single debugging, this can reduce the burden of system-wide debugging. Pelco's dome camera provides RJ45 interface for single commissioning. Through the RJ45 interface to the ball machine and debugging kit connected to the ball machine can debug the output image, PTZ rotation, lens stretching and so on. You can also enter the ball machine menu, and further to do the initial settings.


In addition to the ball machine itself, the installation and commissioning of the failure encountered mostly caused by external equipment.

Phenomenon one: the ball machine repeatedly restart

Repeated restart of the ball machine is usually due to low power supply power, not enough to drive the ball caused by the normal work. First with a multimeter to detect the ball machine power supply voltage, must be in the load (ball machine) to open the case to determine whether there is power supply problems. It is important to note that the outdoor dome is far from the power consumed when the heater is turned on and not on, and the maximum power of the dome must be taken into account to ensure that the power supply is sufficient to drive the dome to work properly.

Phenomenon 2: video scroll

The dome video images are constantly rolling on the monitor, and this phenomenon is mostly caused by video synchronization problems. 24VAC ball machine mostly according to the AC power in the phase of the automatic synchronization, adjustable ball machine menu, select the phase automatic synchronization function. If the auto-synchronization fails due to the power supply phase, you can set the phase value manually in the dome menu to solve the synchronization problem.

Phenomenon three: control garbled

When the high-speed dome camera appears irregular rotation, first check whether the central device misuse, and then check whether the ball machine menu to start the random scan mode. If the above steps are normal, most of the data communication lines due to interference without interruption to send garbled information. Interference mainly comes from the electromagnetic interference on the transmission path, and the optical transceiver may also deviate in the photoelectricity reduction.

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