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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras High Speed Function

HD-IP high-speed dome camera is an intelligent camera front-end, full name is called high-speed intelligent ball camera, or integrated high-speed ball smart ball, or referred to as fast ball, referred to as high-speed ball. High speed dome is the most complex and comprehensive performance of the monitoring system, the best camera front, manufacturing miscellaneous, expensive, able to adapt to high density, the most complex monitoring occasions. High-speed ball is a very high integration products, integrated PTZ system, communication system, and camera system, PTZ system refers to the motor-driven rotation part of the communication system is the control of the motor and the image and signal Of the processing part, the camera system refers to the use of one machine movement


High speed ball has several basic functions, the first is running fast, the second is running smoothly, the third is accurate positioning.

High speed function

Requires preset position speed fast, basically up to 250 degrees / second or more; second hand control speed emphasizes smooth, flexible and flexible control, not too fast, can not blunt, support for speed.

Preset function

Must have more than 64 preset positions, and requires the preset position must be accurate, after the power can also remember the preset position.

Cruise scan

You must be able to set the high speed dome to cruise the scan function between the various presets.


An important application of high-speed ball is the highway, city intersection monitoring, mainly on the road and the intersection of pedestrians and vehicles on the situation to monitor and record, the occurrence of public security cases and other incidents quickly reflect, but also on the special pedestrian And vehicle tracking and positioning, as well as after the investigation and evidence collection and so on.

Another application of high-speed dome camera is in the highway toll station square, mainly on the toll station square full scene monitoring and recording, you can keep abreast of the entire toll station events, to facilitate the rapid response of managers, and important People and objects tracking positioning. Under normal circumstances the operation of high-speed ball and control through the control keyboard to achieve.

to sum up

With the community on the city security monitoring and traffic monitoring attention, in view of the high speed ball has other cameras can not have the advantage in the future this camera will have a lot of applications. Although the cost of high-speed ball is relatively high, but with the development of technology, as well as the upstream manufacturers cost of components decreased, the cost of high-speed ball will be reduced, the product will have a large area of universal application.

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