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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras Development Speed

Network Camera development in recent years very fast, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras in the product line continues to enrich, the application field continues to expand.

From the manufacturer's point of view, foreign brands mainly Sony, Panasonic, Security, Sony, Panasonic has a traditional product brand advantages, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras but the network Camera investment ratio is not big, and the relative more professional. Domestic brands in the early days of the Yellow River as a professional network video camera manufacturer representatives, there are also Lang Chi, Day vision, day vision, etc., relative to the traditional type or also to do analog brand, more professional. HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras From the traditional transformation of Haikang, Dahua, World Albert and so on. These brands focus on traditional products, Network Camera products are also very fast, but the sales and style is relatively small, many cases need to order, and with a long period.

At present, network cameras have been widely used in many projects, such as airports, high-speed railways, banks and so on. With the increase of users ' demand for network cameras, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras the domestic network camera market has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, the domestic network camera manufacturers more concentrated in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou and other places, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras these areas occupy most of the domestic well-known security manufacturers.

Although at present, compared with international brands, domestic manufacturers of products still exist a certain gap, but with the development of technology, domestic brand products will also be further improved, but also be widely promoted and applied. As the core equipment in network video surveillance system, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras the application and popularization of Network camera represent the development degree and stage of network video surveillance. Needless to doubt, network cameras are gradually adapting to the current and future diversification needs, will become the mainstream of video surveillance products.

As far as the network camera market is concerned, the current application is still in the mainstream of SD, high-definition although in a single product has been achieved, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras however, in the overall system application has not been widely promoted, the main reason is that the system has been built to the SD-oriented, the second HD is relatively high cost, but from the market trend, the future HD will gradually dominate the mainstream, beyond the SD market share.

HD monitoring, is not a single security products, but a complete solution. In fact, with the rapid advances in surveillance technology in recent years, technology is no longer a problem for HD. HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras At present, there are many research and development strength is very prominent in the monitoring front end, transmission, storage manufacturers, relatively speaking, slightly more difficult is a professional overall solution provider less. Today, the monitoring industry to promote the overall solution, the core of which is to promote the application of HD solutions, such as intelligent transportation or safe city. Leading-level enterprises such as Hoi Kang Granville,HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras Dahua have expanded product line, to increase the solution of research and development and investment; The first-line monitoring manufacturers are also almost all in HD solutions, and strive to occupy a place in the HD market.

Network cameras have SD network cameras and high-definition network cameras, most of the SD Network Camera is the traditional analog camera on the basis of the addition of IP modules, mainly to meet those quality requirements is not particularly high, but also to achieve remote centralized monitoring can also facilitate the installation and commissioning of construction. In the current high definition of high-definition products, the market demand for SD network cameras still occupies a considerable share, such as based on the area of computer LAN for regional monitoring, such as residential areas, office buildings, stores, shopping malls, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras chain stores and other traditional monitoring is mainly based on the SD network cameras mainly; in part through the Internet for cross-regional remote monitoring also used in SD network cameras, such as: General remote children and elderly care, unattended computer room monitoring, internet cafes and so on.

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