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HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras Development Of

With the development of safe city and smart city, high-speed dome camera can be very good to complete the city monitoring, along with the entire industry in the direction of digital, intelligent high-speed dome also onto a new level. With the rise of the network, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras high-speed ball on the network depends more and more dependent. In the video surveillance camera, both from the appearance, type or function, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras the high-speed ball is the most perfect, all-weather monitoring applications in the era of high-speed ball monitoring more than a large proportion of night vision monitoring applications, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras then the infrared high-speed ball What do you need to pay attention to when installing and operating the camera?

Infrared dome camera, infrared night vision dome camera, outdoor infrared high-speed dome camera, indoor infrared high-speed dome camera, which are currently used in video surveillance system is often used in the night vision front-end image acquisition equipment, due to infrared high-speed dome camera integrated High-speed ball control, array infrared light, power supply and PTZ control, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras integrated zoom movement control and other functional modules, and its intelligent function is also increasingly rich, almost entirely an intelligent system, therefore, in the installation of infrared High-speed dome camera as long as the following precautions to remember, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras will be able to infrared high-speed dome camera installation and operation feel more relaxed.

First of all to pay attention to the size of the infrared power is sufficient, the optional infrared light should be as much as possible to meet the maximum power required, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras often the power is not enough and lead to the situation is not enough light. After getting the infrared high-speed dome camera, remember to get rid of the whole installation process, so as to avoid damage to the infrared components and movement of the collision, to know the high speed dome camera failure rate is its long-term service life Guarantee.

Installation to avoid direct light, infrared high-speed dome camera Whether installed indoors or outdoors, the camera installation location are not in the light or other light or reflective light at the time, and not a long time to shoot very bright objects (Such as light), HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras and do not shoot the infrared camera against the sun, or not only can not play infrared start function, more likely to affect its monitoring screen effect. Infrared high-speed dome camera in the unstable light source will cause a flash, a direct impact on the overall monitoring effect.

In the installation process, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras many technical staff like to hand to the infrared high-speed dome camera tail, infrared high-speed dome camera cable is directly connected to the conductive slip ring interface, if the direct pull cable, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras it is easy There is poor contact with the situation, the best way is to hold the high speed dome with both hands to install.

During the installation of the camera, the power cord to be connected to the infrared high-speed dome near the camera, while the infrared high-speed dome of the power cable should not be extended, not more than one group of cameras to focus on a power supply. HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras If a centralized power supply to a number of infrared high-speed dome camera, it may lead to different distance or indoor and outdoor infrared high-speed dome camera voltage and current sometimes uneven and inadequate, especially in the thunderstorm weather, line resistance increased , The supply voltage and current is likely to lead to infrared high-speed dome camera motherboard burned, and thus can not be monitored.

When installing an infrared high-speed dome camera, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras also pay attention to the anti-magnetic, infrared high-speed dome camera do not install in the vicinity of a strong electromagnetic radiation source, such as radio or TV transmitter, mobile phone, too close to the signal will be affected, the impact of image effects The

In the installation of fast ball, but also pay attention to rust problem, the domestic more rainy in the south, the northern rain and snow and haze and water vapor is almost all the metal material killer, if found to monitor the metal bracket bracket corrosion, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras be sure to timely maintenance Fast ball drop or due to screw loosening caused by monitoring screen offset and other issues.

Infrared high-speed dome camera in the installation of wiring, be sure to distinguish between RS-485 communication protocol control lines and power lines, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras many of the installation of the accident, are engineers in the negligence of the RS-485 signal received 24VAC power, so infrared high-speed Dome camera control module may burn on the spot burned, HD-IP High Speed Dome Cameras so in the installation to seriously see the logo, and protect the relevant cable logo for construction and future maintenance.

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