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HD Ball Four Encoding Module Details

With the development of science and technology, our HD machine network coding technology is more advanced. In this era of security, coding technology of video surveillance equipment is of great significance. HD network as a high-performance encoding device, as shown in the application is primarily based on four modules: audio-video module, modules, code modules, network modules. Below, we will provide you a detailed description:
Network: network compatible 10M and 100M Ethernet, responsible for the audio and video data is sent to the server, storage, supports standard network protocols such as RTSP, Web operations can be carried out.
HD integrated camera HD-SDI/SDI video module is mainly responsible for collecting signals, and reconstruction and the decoding work, single serial signal decoded into HD-SDI/SDI YCbCr data to code modules, data flow. If the cameras directly output YCbCr data this module can be omitted.
Encoding module responsible for encoding and decoding video and audio work. Video codec support H.264, MJPEG encoding format, maximum support 1920x1080 resolution, H.264 encoding for real-time High, Main and Baselineprofiles. Audio codec support AAC,MP3, G.711 and other mainstream formats.
Made up of encoding and decoding the audio module. Front end capture analog audio signals, including a line input and microphone input, and decoded into IIS data to encode module. Decode coded IIS module completed data encoded speech signals, via Active amplifier output.
Contents of the above, I believe that everyone has to encode HD machine modules have a deeper understanding, so we chose to networked HD product at a later date, it will be more understanding.

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