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Expressway Surveillance Camera How To Shop

Freeway, for the installation of cameras, you should first consider several requirements:

1 protective cover will need to be waterproof, dust-proof, sealed to IP66, especially tunnel structure in conservation when necessary to use high pressure water spray tunnel wall, so the camera body has to have a certain level of waterproof and dustproof;

Volume 2, camera must be the proper size, and cannot exceed the road tunnel clearance when installing the line, so you must carefully select the installation location of the camera, to avoid large, ultra-high-body impact damage;

3, the camera must have a low light day and night functionality, and high optical dynamic range to fit headlight light irradiation, also have automatically brightness balance inside and outside wide dynamic efficiency;

4, complete camera white balance control functions need to be adjusted to fit different types of illumination wavelength of the spectrum the color of deviation and Lan Meiguang effects, to ensure monitoring of quality.

According to a number of Expressway operation Management Department, highways lack night surveillance and control measures. Along the monitor, camera monitor blind spots at night (or paralysis), its monitoring results can only see Fuzzy vehicle lighting, vehicle images, and so on. Specific to the vehicle running status, vehicle licence is difficult to monitor. To this end, the laser night vision, infrared night vision camera is indispensable for the freeway camera type.

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