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Seven advantages of network video surveillance camera system


Network CCTV camera system has the following advantages:
1, advanced
This system uses existing cabling networks to transfer images, and real-time monitoring. System front end equipment required less lines simple; back-end only a software system.
2, reliability
The main equipment of the system network camera uses an embedded real-time operating system, needed simple equipment, and image transmission was through a cabling network, system reliability is very high.
3, price-performance ratio
Equipment required for this system is extremely simple, system of control by the back-end software system, eliminating the need for traditional analog surveillance systems equipment, such as expensive matrix, Quad, switchers, video transfer Web hosts, etc. Because of image transmission through the cabling network, eliminating the need for a large number of video coaxial cable, reducing costs.
4, security
Different levels of user permissions are system settings, only the highest level of privileges for the entire system is set or changed. Unprivileged users are not receiving images. Image data storage format is proprietary.
5, use and maintenance of
System installation is extremely simple, software systems and is very easy to install. In terms of maintenance, the wiring of the system is very simple, and high reliability of main equipment, maintain good performance, and remote maintenance.
6, extensions and extensibility
When you need to increase monitoring, monitoring host, only need to add a camera or PC via existing networks, and what changes are required to the existing wiring systems made
7, wide application range
Regional monitor: use the Internet to send images in real time, such as offices, buildings and other remote monitoring: distal end of chain-store business, large plant room, child care for the elderly, public buildings, no dangerous environmental monitoring, financial institutions branch monitoring, traffic monitoring, identification of false alarms ... Wait.

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