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Monitor Setup selecting a network camera more advantages


Network camera has many advantages, here only to talk about three points which are very direct and external:

Real time

Smooth effect and high definition has always been monitored by the pursuit of the highest level of network cameras to its highest standard VGA format for 640*480 resolution and speed of 25 frames per second, leading in the domestic network camera. MJPEG, MPEG4 compression format to minimize the bandwidth required by transport, and browse to the images with digital cameras comparisons. Registration control of admissions videos in MPEG compressed video stream format, playback superior.


Network camera is easy to use, whether it is installed on the PC Windows98, Windows2000, or WindowsXP, or Linux operating systems, as long as use IE5.0 or above browser or browser version Navigator4.0 or above, you can directly enter the IP address of the network camera and purpose of monitoring. Humanized operation interface allows the operator to move a finger to do anything.


Traditional monitoring equipment installation complex, lay lines process cumbersome, installation and commissioning of heavy workload. Network camera is very simple, especially government departments, schools, large and small businesses, as long as the original computer network based on a slightly expanded, you can feel free to install network cameras, reducing unnecessary construction projects and additional maintenance and save manpower and material resources. Both are widely distributed, and to facilitate the centralized management. Network cameras also support dynamic IP network, you won't have to worry about changing virtual dial-up IP address and cannot find the camera.

Network camera video surveillance of the rookies, behind its strong vitality is not perfect at the moment, has come from the outside and within the community, such as network latency and so on. Due to China's network and application environment, there are still problems to be solved, makes network products-network camera, video server advantages not fully played out, and the improvement and development of the network become the bottleneck of the development of the product. Network disconnection and jams are common network problems, in order to avoid data loss resulting therefrom, some built-in alarm image buffers in a product, when the network when there is a short break, jam, part buffers to temporarily store image information, ensure you do not lose important data, places of particular importance, which can be used in the front end video solutions to both. Some vendors in the network camera and video server a special router, in case of disconnection can automatically dial-up Internet access, keeping networks open at any time.

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