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Video monitoring development of two characteristics


With the rapid development of technology, society's growing demand for monitor, computer networking and communication technology matures, and the popularity of the Internet, a new generation of surveillance products--IP camera comes into being. Network camera, with its good looks, exquisite, easy to install, easy to operate, fully functional characteristics, such as sweeping security market. Development of video surveillance systems, and front-end integration, digital video, network, system, integrated video surveillance system recognized the direction, while digital is a prerequisite for networking, networking and system integration, therefore, most at two features in video surveillance is the digitalization and networking. Digital Digital is a characteristic of the 21st century, information technology is at the core of development of electronic technology, digital passport is growing, along with the development of the times, our environment will become more and more digital. Digital video monitoring system should first be flow in the system (including video, audio, control, etc) from analog to digital, which will break the "classic CCTV systems is based on camera technology-centric" structure, fundamental changes in video surveillance system from data collection, data processing, transmission and control of the system and structure of form. Information digitalization, encoding, compression, open agreements, make video surveillance system and other subsystems for seamless connectivity in security system and unified management and control platform, also is the meaning of integration. Network Video monitoring system of network will means with system of structure will by lumped type to distributed type system transition, distributed type system used multilayer grading of structure form, has micro-kernel technology of real-time more task, and more user, and distributed operating system to achieved beat task scheduling algorithm of fast response, composition distributed type monitoring system of hardware and software used standardization, and module of and series of design, system equipment of configuration has versatility strong, and open good, and system group State flexible, and control function perfect, and data processing convenient, and Friendly interface and system installation, commissioning and maintenance simplicity, mutual hot backup of system operation, fault-tolerant features such as reliable. System network to some extent broke have been supervised and equipment geographical extension and number lines. System networking will allow the entire network systems hardware and software resource sharing and the sharing of tasks and load, which is system integration is an important concept. Network camera based on networked and digital development, set the lens, image sensor and a/d converters and DSP chips, ROM, RAM, embedded operating systems and WEB servers at the same time. Receives the image signal, analog signal into a digital signal, image compression and coding, image transmission process consists of a series of network cameras alone. Its unique 32-bit reduced instruction set (RISC) signal processor (DSP) chip, 2M of RAM, as well as the stability of embedded operating system, which is 25 frames per second for smooth viewing. If using a cable, a power supply can be connected to the Internet all over the world, users anywhere, anytime via the Internet Strategist, and monitor thousands of miles.

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