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LCD is still security monitoring applications


With the development of technology, today's LCD product is not only very rich product line and seam has been narrowed, although only a fraction of a millimeter and rear projection mosaic patchwork is unmatched, but this did not affect its rapid development in the market. After a few years of development, LCD has become more and more widely, including monitoring center, rail transportation, finance, bar, KTV, hotels and so on, different for users with a single display and visual experience. But one thing is undeniable, in numerous areas of application, security monitoring center remains the main battlefield of LCD applications.
The reason is actually very simple, first market LCD big screen mosaic wall products into relatively late, long market has always been a rear-projection screen Mosaic Mosaic in the world, plus LCD products now have cannot be overloaded in some rear-projection boards, so it must look for other ways, opening up new territories to hold on the market quickly.
Secondly, in recent years, with "green city", "peaceful campus" security throughout the range and depth of the project, such as, airports, subways and scenic spots, such as user video surveillance coverage, control points of increased video surveillance market ushered in a period of rapid development. As essential security monitoring system display – LCD products not only better cater to the security monitoring market demand for large-screen splicing system, and its relatively low price becomes an important factor in monitoring the user selects it.
LCD products with the appearance of lightweight, compact size, and both in terms of sharpness, angle of view, color consistency and so on are a great advantage. Meanwhile, with the increasingly complex and multifaceted security projects, HD acquisition, coding, networks are increasingly standardized configuration, single security monitor has not been able to meet user needs, traditional techniques are increasingly becoming the security industry the development of. LCD splicing products, in response to the security on the unified management and control of business, underlines the clear advantage.
Using LCD mosaic system zhihou, not only can on increasingly diversified of information provides powerful of processing and displayed function, and it also can will monitoring range within of each corner clear of displayed in picture Shang, once in area within occurred burst event, staff can immediately made reaction, and arrived incident site, for user of security provides has effective guarantees, while also can avoid many not necessary of trouble.
Especially with the accelerated urbanization of China and other emerging economies, accompanied by an urbanization of population flow increases caused by a series of transport, urban management issues such as law and order, the public security police force already fall far short of the economic life of the actual demand for security equipment in particular, video surveillance, the next video monitoring market demand remained strong, huge market space.
Experts say that over the past decade, domestic security over 30% of the market has for many years maintained a rapid growth, China has rapidly emerged as the world's leading security products production base and the global security market. Thus, while LCD product is currently a wide range of applications, but in market demand as well as the development needs of their own under the dual-drive, some time in the future, security monitoring market will become a gold rush by manufacturers-House

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