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HD monitoring technology development


In terms of performance, digital million HD cameras can be said to be comprehensive beyond the traditional analog cameras, due to their working principle the essential difference between, analog camera technology and the emergence of bottlenecks and constraints in development, the salient features of digital HD products million overcomes these limitations. Million HD cameras and analog cameras on the biggest difference lies in the quality leap.

First, traditional simulation camera originally resolution on not high, coupled with to by repeatedly of A/D conversion, and electromagnetic transmission interference, and interlaced scan, and D1 picture of synthesis anti-staggered, video injury of effect, actual arrived people eye Shi has very of blurred has, so regardless of is D1 also is 4CIF, just is theory numerical, in actual application in the clarity is completely up not to theory numerical level. Digital camera uses digital signal transmission, optical signal into a digital signal, and then processed by the DSP for image compression and, last digital compressed video over the network output, digital camera on electromagnetic interference resistance, progressive scan, screen resolution has incomparable advantages of traditional analog cameras.

Second, traditional simulation color camera collection vertical resolution, PAL standard Xia 625 line, to elimination hidden Hou 575 line, highest reached 540 line around has is currently of limit, and digital HD camera minimum can up 800 line above, and from resolution Shang view, traditional simulation camera highest resolution can reached D1 or 4CIF around, about collection (400,000 pixel), and digital camera is no this items limit, can reached mega pixel even tens of pixel, Between the pixels and the resolution is in the area of fundamental terms.

Third, the digital million HD camera with image scanning mode for progressive scan, each frame is formed by the line then line scanning electron beam order. While scanning mode of traditional analog cameras take interlaced scan, interlaced line scanning frequency for line-by-line scanning of the half. Interlaced because it works in the application has many disadvantages, for example interlace flicker effect, parallel or vertical edge saw-tooth phenomenon and other adverse effects, and lead to lower overall motion picture clarity.

IV, digital HD camera of color can do than simulation camera more realistic, simulation video signal in the of brightness signal and chroma signal due to occupied has same of band, in by video collection chip do comb-like filter (bright separation) Shi, hard will chroma and brightness signal completely separation, led to picture appeared noise spots and color penetration phenomenon, and digital HD camera is no this troubles, color more of realistic, and more rich level sense, and picture saturated degrees more better.

V, analog cameras need to control cable, video cable, audio cable, power cord, in the form of independent wiring match, wiring very complex and heavy, high cost of cabling, has many limitations in the application.

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