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Enhance the monitoring utility, need to adhere to three principles


Monitors installed in many places have been used for surveillance, different places have different requirements, but can play a role in the actual, practical is monitoring the purpose of installing. Especially for a number of large shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, Internet in public places, also includes some modern communities, enterprises and institutions, monitoring can often be the key to solving conflicts to resolve disputes, monitor installation what are standards? need to stick to what principles? how to maximize the benefits of installing monitoring it?

First is the principle of clarity.

Network surveillance cameras installed in that position, the first thing is clarity, if the pixels of the camera is too low, when taking video, see clearly what was happening, as there is no effect, so try to improve camera pixels, makes monitoring much more clean, in order to play a monitoring role.

Followed by the concealment principle.

Although the monitoring system is not a big secret, but in the actual installation to keep it hidden as much as possible, this is mainly due to two considerations, the main role is to protect the camera, if it is too prominent, some construction or carts may be error encountered, another is too prominent or easily damaged by the criminals.

Third is the principle of full coverage without dead zone.

For the purposes of a regional wireless surveillance camera install the most important thing is to ensure that no blind spot, the camera's range up to full coverage, so for the whole region can achieve comprehensive monitoring, rather than leaving the blind spot, it is very important to many of the problems, blind spot, the camera is not taken, it still does not work.

For consumers, not only to appreciate the need to install monitoring how much money, to pay more attention to the practicability of monitoring after the installation, adhere to the above three principles will enhance the monitoring installation utility.

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