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Construction of Highway security demand all over the country working actively


Traffic transport of development is regional economic development of based conditions, and in various traffic transport way in the, highway transport relative Yu railway, and waterway and the air transport for by accounted for share more big, especially in inland area, due to railway transport of non-direct sex, river channel of lack, air of high cost and highway construction of fast development, many reasons, highway transport has became area between most directly, and most effective of transport way.
Under the 2014 national economic and social development statistics bulletin, 2014 highway passenger transport accounted for 86.32% of the total passenger transport, road freight transport accounted for 76.13% of the total freight, trucking plays a dominant role in the integrated transport. In addition, because our roads are all modes of transport, such as shipping, aviation, rail and other means the normal operation of these modes of transport are also to a large extent dependent on road transport is to be achieved. In recent years, especially in highway of high grade Highway increased, their high design speed, capacity, security, high performance, low cost transport, and greatly enhance the road transport in an integrated transport system, as well as the important role of regional economic development. Meanwhile, the rapid growth of the national economy and increase highway investment in fixed assets, so as to boost the development of road transport, mutual promotion and mutual influence between the two sides. Security as an important means of ensuring safe transportation, plays an important role in highway construction and maintenance, in recent days, throughout the provinces and cities in its road safety system level is also rising.

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