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Commonly used in burglar alarm systems detectors


Generally, bedrooms, living rooms and emergency buttons to Setup infrared microwave probe guard, door and window magnetic switch can be installed, install smoke alarms in the kitchen, window glass break sensors. These become a reality, against places are different, choose different products to meet the demands became top priority, small make up today to share with you eight probes have the kind of features, compare the differences and connections between them.

1. smoke alarm detectors, both divided into photovoltaic and ion, the former use of smoke obscured optical alarm, which is using its own sensors, induction of ion concentration in the air, different sensors different gases (gas), is commonly used to detect carbon-ion concentration for the fire's smoke detector.

2. magnetic detectors, it is generally used, low cost, easy to install, no errors reported, and does not require adjustments and maintenance of detectors. Magnetic switch can be divided into the mobile unit and an output unit. Removable parts installed on the activities on the doors and Windows; output parts installed in the appropriate Windows and doors, installed the two distance does not exceed 10 mm. Output parts of two lines, the normal state for normally closed output, open doors and Windows more than 10 mm, output converted into often.

3. infrared detectors, using beam probe that shut off when protective area when someone across the monitor, shut off invisible infrared beam while triggered alerts. Commonly used for outdoor fence alarm, it is always used in pairs: one launch, one receiving. Transmitter send a bundle or bundle human eyes cannot see infrared light, form a line, object by, the light is blocked, receiver signal changes, amplified and police. Infrared radiation detector to select an appropriate response time: too short and suffer from unnecessary interference, such as birds fly, animals pass through; a long false negatives can occur. Usually at a speed of 10 m/s to determine the shortest possible shading. If the width is 20 cm, the shortest trip time is 20 Ms. Greater than 20 milliseconds alert, not alarm less than 20 milliseconds.

4. the glass break detector using piezoelectric microphone, mounted on the face of the glass, as the only effective detection of high frequency of breaking glass sound, is not susceptible to vibrations caused by reaction of the glass itself.

5. the ultrasonic motion detector, ultrasonic motion sensor needs a send ultrasonic and other for receiving transducer, also there is a receiving and transmitting transducer has a body. Normal launch sends out a fixed frequency ultrasonic transducers, scattered in the detection of space, if there is an object reflects back ultrasound, frequency offset, to detect whether an object move. The detector is susceptible to the effects of vibration and airflow.

6. the microwave motion detectors, using high frequency radio waves are Doppler frequency shift as a means to detect, and open space or Plaza. Microwave is a very high frequency radio waves, the wavelength is shorter, easier to object, according to the incident wave and reflected wave frequency drift, you can detect intrusion objects.

7. infrared detectors, based on any objects due to different surface heat will radiate intensity, ranging from infrared. Due to different objects, the radiation of infrared wavelengths are different. Infrared detection is mainly used for moving object detection and other invasions, when the body enters the detection area, steady destruction of thermal radiation, resulting in a change of thermal radiation, infrared sensors after receiving amplification, processing, an alarm signal.

8. microwave infrared detector, is one of the devices commonly used in alarm systems, which typically cost between 200~1600 Yuan. Its set of work principles of infrared and microwave all in one. When the infrared and microwave detector with alarm signal at the same time, the probe will have alarm output, reducing the false positives are possible. Infrared microwave probe has a variety of models, different detection range, some detecting a fan-shaped area, some detect a narrow area (corridors), 360 degree detection, be sure to select the appropriate model depending on your specific needs, so as to achieve the desired effect. Detector sensitivity is adjustable.

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