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Bridge a brief introduction?


With technology of development, wireless broadband network of technology increasingly mature, in all field of application increasingly more, currently, enterprise internal large monitoring system of established, has became China large factories enterprise, Park. places scenic, road, information construction of important target, based on WLAN technology building of wireless monitoring system, not only relative traditional monitoring system investment cost low, and industry has unparalleled of technology advantage. as group network flexible, support mobile monitoring. high extended sex,, More making it enterprises to establish internal control system of choice. Wireless Monitor to select an analog camera or IP camera, such as analog cameras, then you need to install network video server.
What is a network bridge
The bridge (Bridge) as a smart Repeater. Repeaters receive signals from a network cable, enlarge them and turn it into the next cable. By comparison, the bridge from the level of information coming down more sensitive. Bridge is a type of frame-forwarding technology, according to MAC blocks, can isolate the collision. Bridge network connects multiple network segments at the data link layer. Bridges also known as bridge, is a store-and-forward device connecting two local area networks, it can split a large LAN into multiple segments, or two or more LAN interconnect to a logical LAN, so that all users can access the server on the LAN. Bridge connects two similar networks and manage the flow of data on the network. It works on the data link layer, will not only extend network distance or range and improves network performance, reliability and security. Network 1 and network 2 through network bridge connection Hou, network bridge received network 1 sent of data package, check data package in the of address, if address belongs to network 1, it on will its gave up, instead, if is network 2 of address, it on continues to sent to network 2. such can using network bridge isolation information, will with a network, divided into multiple network paragraph (belongs to same a network,), isolation out security network paragraph, prevent other network paragraph within of user illegal access. Network segments, each segment is relatively independent (belonging to the same network number), a segment of the fault does not affect the running of another segment. Original text from [network security knowledge] reprint, please retain the original link:

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