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Shenzhen YouGuan CCTV Technology Co.,Ltd (UG) was established in 2011,& registered in China with a factory facilties in Shenzhen city Buji area for High-Speed Domes and other related products as well.

Company profile:

UG is a professional manufacturer and specializes in the development and production of High Speed domes and other related products to control High Speed Domes.UG has a highly appreciated department of engineering and technical professionals to back up , support and provide a fast and reliable after sale service to the customer products.

UG was founded by Mr. Alec Weingart(President and CEO), following 28 years of experience in the electronics and security fields. He provides direction to its technological development projects and heads international sales efforts. He is a graduate of the Israeli Technical College for Electronics and Industrial Engineering (1968). The services of Mr. Weingart are material to the operation and future success of the business.

UG supplies advanced High Speed Dome systems to China and the international markets. In 2011,
Mr. Alec Weingart, CEO and founder of  UG, completed internal development of High-speed dome after many years of experience in security and CCTV systems since 1987.

UG has company policy to produce all mechanical and electronic by sub-contractors all experts in their respective fields... Final Dome assembly is made in our factory. This enables production flexibility, high efficiency, low cost.

Our company controls product quality in a very high level to meet all international standards. All of our products have CE certifications.

UG has developed a two-pronged approach to penetrating the market.
Firstly, the company is forming a high quality distribution network, granting selected distributors exclusive rights in designated regions of the world. 

Secondly, it is developing a number of strategic alliances with key industry factors, which will provide it with a steady stream of orders outside of the distribution agreements. As results of UG marketing efforts in the international market, we become one of the Chinese leading High Speed Domes exporters to USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Dubai,Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, and Russia,etc.


Shenzhen Youguan CCTV Technology Co.,Ltd